The Haute Food Co.

You’re probably going to walk by it the first time. Because from all you’ve already heard, this couldn’t be the place it looks like.. one more brick-walled bakery joint with first-come-first-served seating (limited seats inside) and an equally cramped el fresco area outside. But there’s that quixotically intriguing hand written lunch menu, that only makes […]

The Haute Food Co.

There is an element of mystery about chance meetings Nothing is by coincidence in this world What we see is not all that is happening Unseen forces are at work everywhere Sewing the threads of preordained design Hidden from view from before time Reach out and touch what is meant to be Before its too […]

Yakitori Baby @ Izakaya Tamako

OH HAPPY DAY! One Winner of my contest has collected his meal. Where is the other.. ? She is still MIA (missing in action!) These two folks won the Cumi & Ciki Malacca Caption contest with their witty, winning entries. GO HERE TO SEE PHOTOS OF THE PRETTY WINNERS! GO HERE FOR THE ORIGINAL POST […]

Izakaya Tamako Japanese Restaurant @ Plaza Damas, KL

It was my cousin’s birthday this week and we had dinner with him at the cozy Izakaya Tamako, in Plaza Damas. Agedashi tofu is an old and revered dish. Izakaya is a type of Japanese drinking establishment which also serves food to accompany the drinks. The food is usually more substantial than that offered in […]

Aji Don Alley @Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas KL

Mee rebus sauce is tedious to make and it goes off fast, so it is best not to keep it over-night. As you can imagine, in order for any stall to be making money, they should have a good “following” i.e. a steady number of partons per day – or else all that sauce will […]

Fogal Meat Market @ Plaza Damas, Hartamas KL

BEFORE… AFTER! WHY oh WHY is the fat on my bacon still WHITE??? The girl grumbles, pouts and starts to fidget in her seat… Fix it QUICK! . . Ah.. much better… Burn that WHITE.. brown that FAT ! Good job these people understand the meaning of the word RARE. Unfortunately the girl’s steak lacked […]

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