Little Heritage House, at section 17 Petaling Jaya

Little Heritage House is one of the newest restaurants on that latest development of shop lots in section 17/56. Inspired by the rich culture of Nyonya cuisine, Little Heritage House is nicely decorated with all the heirlooms characteristic of the straits chinese, from a bygone era. There is an upstairs area as well that’s perfect […]

MyBurgerLab @ Sea Park, Petaling Jaya

Today’s tasty guestpost is by my rather shy buddy, who goes only by the pen name, Greedy Gus. She’s been staking out this new burger joint in Petaling Jaya, that’s all the rave at the moment. Since me and Cumi can’t be asked to fight the crowds at MyBurgerLab, we thought we might get her […]

Australian Avocados Masterclass @ Beyond Culinary Studio, Sunway Giza, Petaling Jaya

There is a huge misconception that one shouldn’t eat avocados because they’re high in fat. The latest facts actually show that avocados are rich in monounsaturated fat, the heart-healthy kind. Yet scientists are now more interested in the active compounds in avocados that might help prevent cancer. One recent study found that those compounds can […]

Opika @ 1 Utama

Switching to organic is tough for many people who don’t want to pay higher prices or give up their favorite foods. But by choosing certain organic versions of just a few foods that you eat often, you can increase the percentage of organic food in your diet without big changes to your lifestyle. People who […]

Bistro à Table

Growing up as part of the MYF (Methodist Youth Fellowship) kids, I remember we came in all shapes, sizes and with different talents too. We had different roles in this youth group but most of the time we were just boisterous kids looking for new ways to vent our extra energy. Well, some things never […]

The Sea Park Ramen Stall, Oishii desu!

Like your fresh ramen with some BITE? One fine day when Cumi was out and about, looking for a place to lunch, he met this nice old man who had just opened stall in Sea Park, three weeks ago. His place at Simon’s Delight Coffee-shop (kopitiam) is located in that popular lunch area of Taman […]

Frontera Bar & Grill @ Jaya 1, Petaling Jaya

Today, my friend J, who has perfected the art of talking a mile a minute, not even pausing for breath for a second, told me a rather interesting story about the origins of the Fajita. I googled it, and apparently, he was telling the truth. You see, there was once a man, Mr. Homero who, […]

Restoran He Pin, Pan Mee @ Old Town PJ

He Pin Coffee shop is tucked way in Old Town PJ and this old coffee shop bungalow is famous for the Pan Mee and Economy Rice. This place is normally packed to the rafters during lunch hour as well as the weekends.. and you get the Malay rice, Chinese Economy rice , Indian mee rebus […]

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