Top 10 Must Try Desserts at NOSH !

Top 10 Must Try Desserts at NOSH..   Would you believe it if I told you that last weekend, we tried 10 cakes in one sitting! Talk about sugar high.. but then again, if it’s cakes from NOSH, then it’s worth the sugar intake. Besides, we can always run it off later. Anyway, we are […]

Time to NOSH!

With two huge Malaysian celebrations coming up, Ramadan and Merdeka, NOSH is celebrating our local heritage over two months in their own special style. Speaking to Ann and Judith, they felt that creating some new, exciting Malaysian contemporary dishes, was one of the best ways to celebrate being Malaysians. And really, what do Malaysians generally […]

NOSH @ Telawi 3, Bangsar

Nosh is hard to miss. Located at the top of the road of Telawi 3, just two shops down from Cziplee’s , it’s the latest trendy restaurant on the block. Nosh began as a very simple idea. The idea flourished from a common passion between two women. Nosh is the brain child of my buddies […]

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