Pulled Pan Mee @ Restoran Hong Joo, PJ Old Town

Pan Mee.. Ah yes.. I am a huge fan of the Pan Mee. There’s nothing fancy or glam about this dish. When it’s torn with uneven edges, it is called Mee Hoon Kueh. The uneven shapes might even come across as rather crass and unpolished, but take one bite out of this comfort food, and […]

Big Tree Pan Mee @ Sungai Way PJ

Introducing one of my favourite breakfast places, called the ‘Big Tree Pan Mee’ .. do you know it? The best thing about getting my car serviced is actually, the breakfast. That’s right, at Mazda in PJ, the service is so good, that they take you to breakfast, while you’re killing time waiting for your car. […]

Food Porn – The Burmese Mohinga


On our recent trip to Burma/Myanmar, the Mohinga was one of the dishes I really enjoyed pigging out on. Cherished as Burma’s national dish, Mohinga is a comforting noodle soup that exemplifies the earthy flavours of the country’s cuisine. Banana stems look like fibrous white leeks and taste very similar to the fruit. This Myanmar […]

Restoran Mee Jawa @ Casa Tropicana, PJ

Mee Jawa Restaurant at Casa Tropicana, being a 5 minute drive from our office, is fast becoming our favourite place for lunch! Me and my colleagues love this place for the Mee Jawa! It has a light taste, with just enough oomph! to fill you up but not leave you feeling too sleepy after your […]

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