Nero Teca’s Intoxicating Sunday Brunch!

Serious question. Do Italians even eat breakfast? The ones I know, grab a cereal, the obligatory espresso and that’s it. Nope, none I’ve ever met ate a hearty breakfast. Or even brunch for that matter. Let alone a bubbly brunch. Ahh… but one can always pretend, no?

Nero Teca @ Lorong Ceylon, KL – Music is round.. music is square

You will notice that this is not really a food post. Instead this is a post on how good company and good friends, make a dinner outing meaningful and enjoyable. Good food and music helps too, of course:) You can kiss your family and friends good-bye and put miles between you, but at the same […]

Nero Teca @ Lorong Ceylon, KL – The two P’s of eating…

We are back in that familiar place! … My favourite Italian restaurant (I cannot say it enough).. on a weekend. How goooood it is, when close friends meet together over Prosciutto and Prosecco! Those have got to be my two favourite P’s in the Italian vocab;P Speaking of which, they do Prosecco by the glass […]

Nero Teca @ Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL

Introducing one of my ALL TIME favourite Italian restaurants. Nero Teca! Everytime I eat here , I forget to bring my camera (maybe it’s because eating here is normally followed by a huge night out.. so I don’t really want to lose my tres, tres precious ‘point-n-shoot’ or anything, you know :P). This time, I […]

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