Kedai Kopi Hai Peng @Chukai, Kemaman – Terengganu A-Go-Go

Hai Peng Restaurant, Chukai. During a work trip to the Tanjung Jara Resort, I stopped by Chukai, the popular bustling town of Terengganu – I couldn’t help but think… “Then and Now”. A quick web search mentions the town as a former taxing center, during the colonial days, for floating vessels using the Kemaman River […]

Haslam @ Jalan Pahang Barat, KL

RIDDLE!!! . . . What starts off as THIS…. . . . … ENDS UP as THIS…. . . . And has CUTE, ITSY-BITSY baby clones in between??? . . . YUP.. u guessed it … Lempeng is banana/sweet potato pancake and no place makes it like Haslam!! Gawd.. i love lempeng.. sometimes i even […]

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