Chinese New Year @ Li Yen, Ritz-Carlton & Shanghai, JW Marriott

Double your Chinese New Year luck, with two menus, from Li Yen at The Ritz-Carlton KL and then, Shanghai at JW Marriott.. I really cannot believe that Chinese New Year is almost upon us once more. Everything files at the speed of light when you’re busy I suppose. Having just come back from a 2 […]

Ramadhan Feasting @ JW Marriott, Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur

Ramadhan begins this month, and with it come the 30 days of fasting practiced by observant Muslims. So how is eating relevant to this celebration? Well, fasting is traditionally broken each evening sunset, a practice that’s often accompanied by feasting, and this aspect has put a whole new meaning on the word “buka-puasa” in KL. […]

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