Cava .. go over and get Tapas-faced

Have you heard of the Cava Tapas Promotion? Where for the price of just RM75, one can get 8 types of Tapas, flaunt one’s new nose job (lil fat monkey) , cam-whore a new shade of blonde.. and finally, have one’s cake and eat it! (OK, ok..  the cake was on the house, the “nose […]

Cava @ Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar – the very acceptable alternative to French champagne

I am looking at the front door… waiting for something magical to happen… Where is that man… He hasn’t forgotten has he… hmmm… so here i am.. all by my lonesome self… killing time.. maybe i should pick out a wine… . . . a good year? a bad year? … an in between year? […]

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