Nero Teca’s Intoxicating Sunday Brunch!

Serious question. Do Italians even eat breakfast? The ones I know, grab a cereal, the obligatory espresso and that’s it. Nope, none I’ve ever met ate a hearty breakfast. Or even brunch for that matter. Let alone a bubbly brunch. Ahh… but one can always pretend, no?

The latest in Haute Cuisine at Marini’s on 57

I’ve always been a huge fan of the food at Marini’s and now, with the latest menu, there are more rousing new dishes to get excited about. Their newest will showcase the Tradition menu, and soon to come, the Spring menu – in honor of the season, all dishes are prepared with seasonal ingredients sourced from […]

Back to Le Midi @ BSC

Le Midi might not be the newest restaurant in Bangsar Shopping Center (and I remember back in the day, when we used to visit this place in 2010) but it certainly still has an exciting and surprisingly accomplished menu. unusual deco – the Nautilus greets patrons to Le Midi The establishment’s best dish, to my […]

Love is in the Air… at La Scala

It’s always nice to have a reason to visit La Scala. Being a new place and all, you still get to see finishing touches added, each time you visit. Take for example, the latest addition – a lovely, breezy balcony area, complete with italian tiles, tall columns of hand-painted gold grapevines and potted grape plants […]

A lofty Valentine’s , @ Marini’s on 57

As the 14th of February approaches, you’re stuck wondering where you’re going to make some of the most remarkable memories this year. And these days, urban rooftops are seeing a heyday of sorts – from rooftop bars to trendy hotels, no amenity is as sweet as a pool, bar, or restaurant on high. So it […]

Chinese New Year & Valentines Day @ Garibaldi KL

It’s no secret that Garibaldi is one of our favorite Italian Restaurants. And we were delighted when we found out that for Chinese New Year, there would be an exciting innovative menu too, for those who celebrate the auspicious year of the Snake. It’s been a long time since Italian Asian fusion cooking has promised […]

Favola @ Le Meridien Kuala Lumpur

There was nothing nuanced about the appetizers that arrived on our table at Favola. We were told by our hosts, to order a soup and mains.. but had we known they’d out do themselves on the starters, we would have paced ourselves differently. The beautifully marinated trio of tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella cheese, fresh basil tickled […]

Verona Trattoria Section 17

We are back at Verona! This place now serves pork, and since our past experiences have always been good here, we were pretty sure that the latest grub offerings would be good too.(Read our past post here). Verona Trattoria has in its repertoire the casual home cooking style that might be called bistros or diners […]

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant and Bar @ Bangsar Village

The day Garibaldi opened its doors to the public, it became immediately clear what Kuala Lumpur had been missing all these years: a warm, intimate ambiance, fabulous cuisine, and Chef-attended service. Garibaldi might have even launched a bit of a culinary metamorphosis in Kuala Lumpur, and in my humble opinion, it remains one of the […]

Verona Trattoria Section 17

At first glance, Verona Trattoria seems like an odd match for the quiet neighbourhood of section 17. Located right next to Bistro a Table, as well, you would think it might feel a little daunted by the French fine-dining restaurant next door. Though it calls itself a bistro, we know how high end the food […]

Osteria Real Blue

The dining room isn’t exactly awe-inspiring, but it’s comfy and warm, with a combination of blue painted walls and exposed brick on the walls, the old-world charm of well-worn tables and an airy front kitchen. I wonder if that’s why they call this place, Osteria, Real blue? Anyway, apart from the unorthodox deco, the message […]

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