Getting Hot and Sweaty over Hokkien Mee @ Pom Pom Restaurant

Ah.. what can I say about old school hokkien mee. Apart from the fact that it’s really difficult to find a good one these days. You see. It’s not about how black it is. Or how greasy. Or how many prawns it has in it. By a skilled hand and over a blazing wok heat, […]

Hokkien Mee @ Restoran Two One Two, Taman Midah Cheras

Two weeks abroad and one massive hankering for Hokkien Mee.. One of the great things about being away, is coming back to some good old fashioned Chinese hawker food. Doesn’t absence just make the heart (and stomach) grow fonder? And one of the great things about getting home on the weekend means loads of time […]

Char Kwey Teow and Pork Congee, at Restoran Leong Wei, Jalan Kuchai Lama

Sometimes, Chinese New Year can be a bore. Stuck in Kuala Lumpur, with no place to go. Nevermind the eerily quiet streets and the annoyingly packed shopping malls.. all the best Chinese hawker centers are closed as well. So it was with great glee when we noticed that this particular hawker shop was open on […]

Restoran Setapak Teochew

Ever had a place catch your eye, but never the time to stop and check it out? Well, Restoran Setapak Teochew has always been sidelined, not by choice but due to the fact that we are always rushing off to some other place, and always just missing out eating here for some reason or other. […]

Seng Kong .. Sentul

Why do C&C love street-food even if it means walking down dirty alleyways and the possibility of encounters with the unsavory, unshaven, uncouth sort  .. well it’s because we love the vibe, and occasionally, we stumble upon some really great food. Oh, and the people. They totally crack us up too. They make us keep […]

Hokkien Mee and its Cult status

Fried Hokkien mee a.k.a. Chinese style fried yellow noodles, has a cult following in Kuala Lumpur. Every Malaysian man or woman swears they know where to get the BEST Hokkien mee in town. Every Malaysian man (or woman) swears they know where to get the BEST Hokkien mee in town. Attempts to disagree, object or […]

The Ramen Girl

Once there was a girl and she decided to learn how to cook ramen. She fell in love with a boy, got married and they both opened a Ramen shop. Serdang or Seri Kembangan has to be one of our favourite places for Chinese Hawker food, especially Pan Mee. Though not the easiest of places […]

Prawn Mee & Orr Mee – Alor Setar

When I say, I am headed up north to Alor Setar for work, the normal question that I get asked is “What is there to eat there..?” Apart from the famous Nasi Lemak Ong and nasi-this and nasi-that, where can you go for some good chinese breakfast? Before that, let me just add that Alor […]

Restoran Hua Xing @ Sungai Way, PJ

This restaurant that has been around for the longest time, is still a hot favourite with my family and the in-laws. Their Hokkien cuisine is famous and has never been short of endorsements from celebrities, both young and old alike. Judging from the glossy, ads that adorn their walls, you can tell that Hua Xing […]

Restoran 126 & Restoran SHL Bentong, Pahang.

Seeing as it was Raya and all, and we had time on our hands.. we decided to go do a recce on a couple of “adventure” recreational spots in Pahang. On the road to Bentong… Past Selesa Homes… This was the place we were suppose to recce! Unfortunately it was closed. No worries.. on to […]

Charcoal Fried Hokkien Noodles @ Jalan Cheras

I was so excited! We rarely see, these days, in KL, Charcoal stoves… So, you can imagine my happiness at seeing the cinders fly from the WOK of Mr. and Mrs. Wong. Wow.. we had driven past this ‘no name’ Hokkien mee on Jalan Cheras many times but the traffic is normally heavy and we […]

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