Back to Sin Hiap Kee for that Curry Fish Head Fix

Just as any South East Asian that’s been away in the West for too long, the immediate craving on the dining table is for something greasy, sweet-sour, spicy and hot off the stove. I am back in KL! And my appetite for all things spicy, greasy and generally eaten with a truck load of steaming […]

5 Top Spots for Yong Tau Foo in KL!

Everyone has their favourite haunt for Yong Tau Foo. It used to be Ampang for us, but now a days, we have different favourites. For the uninitiated, Yong Tau Foo means stuffed bean curd, although you will actually see other items apart from bean curd, stuffed with a meat paste of either fish or pork, […]

10 Things to Eat for Breakfast, at Imbi Market

You haven’t experienced KL, if you haven’t had breakfast at Imbi Market.. On the weekends, it is a mad rush to wake up and get to Imbi, Kuala Lumpur before 8am. Most of the good stuff is already sold out before noon, so you best get to Imbi Market early if you’re looking to fill […]

Taman Bukit Anggerik Street food

One of the best things about Taman Bukit Anggerik, Cheras is the enormous number of good street food stalls in the area. That, and also the RM2.50 Lor Mai Farn/glutinous rice. (latest price is now RM2.80) Run by a chinese family, the Kok’s (mother, son and dad) this lor mai farn stall sells out pretty […]

Duck or Goose.. Here are our top 6 restaurants!

Goose or duck.. which do you prefer? Some folks swear by the meatiness of goose, and some prefer the succulence of the smaller duck. But you know, these two birds, they have their differences when it comes to their eating patterns. Goose are known to be vegetarian, prefer a diet of shrubs and grass, while […]

Restoran 33 @ Taman Bukit Anggerik, Cheras

We are besotted and obsessed with Restoran 33’s noodles, our current fave hole-in-the-wall, Chinese coffee shop. Smack in the middle of one of the busier blocks in Taman Bukit Anggerik, Cheras, Restoran 33 is a modest coffee shop that’s popular with local residents for its succulent Chinese dumplings (sui kao) and Pan Mee. Though the […]

Warung Indonesia, Pudu Wet Market, Kuala Lumpur

See this little Indonesian warung below? Well, Cumi stumbled upon it during his walkabout with the M.Zuiko f1.8 and f2.0 lens review last year. He decided to return to this food shack with me in tow since he wanted a change of cuisine. The surroundings are a little dark and dank, as it is after […]

Kway Teow Kia and Pork Offal, Johor Bahru

How do I begin to describe this place? For starters, I am not from Johor Bahru. I could not find my way around even if I had a GPS because the roads are rather confusing. I totally had to rely on my colleagues to take me to eat the “legendary spare-parts of the pig” at […]

Back to Pusat Penjaja Air Panas

Setapak, is about as foreign as it gets, to me. Pusat Penjaja Air Panas (Hot Water/Spring Hawker Center) is affectionately known in Chinese as “Yeet Siu Pasak”. It used to be situated just next to Restoran Talipon in Setapak, KL. The name is derived from the hot spring landmark, not too far way from the […]

Heng Bakuteh, Kepong

What’s the difference between a”Sang Kuat” , a “Soing Kuat” and a “Ka Hau Kuat”? If you ask me, I couldn’t tell you, accept for maybe guessing that some are long bones, some are soft bones whilst others are “prime location” bones, such as the ribcage near the belly. Yeah, I may not know the […]

Fei Por Pan Mee @ Seri Kembangan

Trying to find this Pan Mee shop in Seri Kembangan is like looking for a needle in a hay-stack. If you follow the road signs, you will see that turning into SK6, leads to SK3, then SK4.. then all of a sudden.. SK13! Arrrgh.. we were looking for SK5 but it seemed like the mysterious […]

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