Prost! It’s GAB Oktoberfest Launch @The Social, Publika

It happens to be October month, and it’s obviously the time for lots of beer drinking and snacking, for those familiar with Oktoberfest (who isn’t though, right?). This beer festival of large mugged beer, food, music, toasting, singing, dancing, games and buxom barmaids which originated from Munich, Germany, has now become a staple celebration across […]

GAB puts a Spin on Food and Beer Pairing at Oktoberfest

GAB puts a spin on food and Beer Pairing, at Oktoberfest, at Tai Zi Heen, Prince Hotel Kuala Lumpur.. Malaysians have been drinking beer with everything, since the dawn of time. But few might have drunk beer as part of Chinese fine dining, or at a deliberate beer food pairing event. The mix of food […]

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