Kampachi @ The Troika KL

Those of us who grew up with Kampachi from the glory days of Equatorial Hotel Kuala Lumpur, know that it has a cult following. The long silence was almost unbearable as Japanese cuisine aficionados waited for this iconic restaurant to open its doors, and open, it did. On December the 10th, after nearly 40 years […]

Where did I put my Golden Phoenix?

The fundementals of a perfect dimsum experience are these.. a comfortable dining hall, large buzzing crowds including multigenerational Chinese families all seated and crammed into one huge table, gathered around a big, lazy susan, and everyone talks at the top of their voices and has something better to say than the next person. A silence […]

Equatorial’s Golden Phoenix is really taking Off!

The Equatorial Kuala Lumpur is an icon of sorts. I remember eating here as a little girl and now, this place has refurbished its famous Chinese restaurant. In the past, Equatorial renowned in the city for its award-winning restaurants such as the signature Golden Phoenix Chinese and Kampachi Japanese restaurants, has always been a hot […]

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