Enamored with Economy Rice… Chap Fan @ Pudu KL

Most people in KL go for Economy Rice (aka Mixed Rice or Chap Fan) during lunch time, because it is fast, convenient, value-for-money and the dishes can be considered home-cooked. Many folks have their favorites, and so do we. Apart form looking for tasty dishes at affordable prices, we also try to find one which […]

Hawker Jalan Seladang @Pudu for Late Night Supper

Late night Makan! Yay! Pudu rocks for food… and THIS is one of my all time favourite places for a good, (cheap), late night supper. The food is fantastic. The place is always packed. The people jostle to pile their plates to the HILT ! When I ask the “Fei lo” what is the name […]

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