Top 10 Must Try Desserts at NOSH !

Top 10 Must Try Desserts at NOSH..   Would you believe it if I told you that last weekend, we tried 10 cakes in one sitting! Talk about sugar high.. but then again, if it’s cakes from NOSH, then it’s worth the sugar intake. Besides, we can always run it off later. Anyway, we are […]

After Ate @ The Intermark, KL

The specialty at After Ate, a popular, ingeniously realized niche restaurant is dessert and dessert only. At After Ate, most of the action takes place in the kitchen, where the pastry chef and assistants, whip up their creations – decadent chocolate mousse and cake tempered with sweet strawberries, melting yumminess of fromage – cheesecake topped […]

More Food Porn – the Mille crêpe

Mille crêpe is a French cake made of many crêpe layers. Mille (mil) means ‘a thousand’, implying the many layers of crêpe.   One thousand layers of JOY if you ask me.     Who needs _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (fill in the gap), when you have a thousand layers of […]

The Launch of A Slice of Heaven at Terrace @ Hock Choon

Congratulations to Just Heavenly, for opening their latest, spanking new outlet at TERRACE @ Hock Choon! That’s right, A Slice of heaven is now open for business and check out the photos from the launch, held mid week – it was a tres tres chi chi event, with fabulous food, wine and cakes too of […]


“Hummingbirds drink nectar, a sweet liquid inside certain flowers. Like bees, they are able to assess the amount of sugar in the nectar they eat; they reject flower types that produce nectar that is less than 10% sugar and prefer those whose sugar content is stronger..”- wiki Here in Kuala Lumpur, we have hummingbirds that […]

Royce Cacao Macaron

I have a new VICE, people. ..and no where to buy them, unfortunately.   My friend Su brought these back from the land of the rising sun and they are simply the most delicious chocolate macaron I have tasted in a while. Too bad you can’t get them in Malaysia just yet, and she lugged […]

More Food Porn: Tiramisu.. I miss you

Just because, this was really a kick-ass Tiramisu.

Potty over Pudding.

Why do people eat desserts? I for one, no longer enjoy desserts  after a meal. I prefer them in between meals, so they don’t need to rival my dinner for stomach space. My all time favourite dessert is you, my darling bread and butter pudding. Double splash of cream for good measure. The way you […]

Nadeje Patisserie on a Monday Morning.

I love my colleagues! Who takes the trouble to lug a whole 1.5 kg cake, ice packed, all the way from Malacca, back to the office, to present his co-workers with a gorgeous Monday morning breakfast treat. WHO? My colleague la. That’s who:P Bless his generous soul. He totally brightened up our boring, hazy, sullen […]

Delectable by Su @ The Gardens, KL

Definition of delectable – extremely pleasing to the sense of taste. Also, scrumptious, yummy, toothsome, delicious, luscious. (did somebody say luscious?!) tasty – pleasing to the sense of taste; “a tasty morsel”. Here’s looking at you kid. “See you when I see you….” “Erm… not if I see you first..” ! 😛 Cupcakes with an […]

Delicious @ Dua Annexe, KL

Outside, it’s raining and wet and I am stuck in a JAM on Jalan Tun Razak. Just my luck.. this evening I have a run, but looks like due to wet weather conditions, that will be cancelled too. This is bad. I need something to cheer me up. I pull into Dua Annexe and things […]

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