The sons and daughters of the middle kingdom 3: Shanghai and Hangzhou

Next stop, the vibrant modern city of Shanghai, and the style capital of China. Then, a short hop to Hangzhou, the lake city, where I escaped the Chinese crowds and return back to into the sweet chili paste of South East Asia… not before a little drama that really changed my perspective of modern China. […]

The sons and daughters of the middle kingdom 2 – Suzhou


Only 120km away from Shanghai and a quick dash on the high speed train, is Suzhou. Suzhou is famous for its classical landscape gardens, ancient buildings, winding canals, chinese opera, silk museums, and had once been home to Sun Tzu, the great military strategist whose name is often mentioned on the History Channel, and by […]

Chef in the Spotlight – Chef Stéphane Tremblay

We recently visited the Westin Beijing Financial Street to meet with and to interview, their Director of Kitchens, Chef Stéphane Tremblay who hails from Canada. As executive Chef of this 5 star hotel, Stéphane has had over 20 years culinary experience with leading luxury hotels and restaurants. Hospitality industry has taken him from his home […]

10 Things to Do In Beijing

Beijing is massive, so where does one start? China itself has a population of 1.3 billion, and Beijing itself 20.1 million (2011) so everywhere you go, there’s people, people and people. Good and bad. For places that need a crowd for atmosphere such as the clubs, Beijing is rocking the beat with a party vibe […]

3 Great Reasons to Stay at The Westin Beijing Financial Street

We arrived at Beijing Capital International airport at approximately 1am. Upon alighting, a ground staff met us to help us with our transfer through immigration and to our limo, which would take us to The Westin Beijing Financial Street, our accommodation for the week. Located in the heart of Beijing, The Westin Beijing Financial Street […]

Flying Air Asia X, to Beijing China

Flying Air Asia X to Beijing China was quiet an experience. It was the first time we had ever flown on a long-haul budget aircraft and we must say that we were pretty impressed with the efficiency of the airlines and the service provided. The flight arrived on time and we departed after only a […]

Off to The Westin Beijing, with Air Asia X !


There might be fewer posts on CCFoodTravel this coming week as we have been very kindly invited to cover The Westin Beijing Financial Street…and Air Asia X will be flying us over there in comfort! Located in the heart of Beijing, The Westin Beijing Financial Street is super luxe, is the hotel of choice for […]

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