Chef in the Spotlight -Chef Edward Lee

Today’s Chef in the Spotlight, is none other than the Chef who’s famous for winning in the Iron Chef challenge versus José Garces, Chef Edward Lee. Chef Lee was born and raised in New York, had a successful career there, but as fate would have it, his flourishing career would lead him to Louisville, Kentucky […]

Hennessy XO Appreciation Grows, Chef Edward Lee @ Equatorial Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Getting to the Hennessy XO Appreciation Grows Event at Equatorial KL early was a bonus. We got to chat with Chef Edward Lee for a good half hour, and found him to be a rather sociable, down to earth and overall, cool guy. Quick chat with Chef Edward Lee, before he had to disappear into […]

Chef Edward Lee hits our shores – Hennessy XO Appreciation Grows 2012

Chef Edward Lee is the chef and co-owner of 610 Magnolia, a restaurant known for Southern fare and a focus on farm-to-table cooking. Apart from the Bravo channel cooking competition, Chef Lee also has been featured on “Iron Chef America,” CBS’ “The Early Show,” BBC’s “The World,” Martha Stewart Living Channel and Mo Rocca’s “Foodography,” […]

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