Intoxicating Cava Bubbles, at La Bodega Bangsar

In an atmosphere that hints at the sumptuous, I remember back in the day, when La Bodega Lounge first opened, and we were ourselves a fixture on their plush sofas, playing scrabble and jenga at all odd hours of the weekend and stuffing our faces on tapas. Ah, yes those were the good old days. […]

Wines of St Hugo, at Cava Bangsar

The 2010 vintage for St Hugo, one of Australia’s iconic wines, has finally reached Malaysian shores and we were invited by Pernod Ricard Malaysia to try out their selection of fine wines, paired with some delectable Spanish cuisine, prepared by Cava. Being a huge fan of Cava, I knew we were in for a treat. […]

Cava – relaunch of Spanish Tapas

I really love it every time Cava conducts a dinner, with the relaunching of their new menu. It means, more great food and great wines! This time round, Chef Maria Elena from Barcelona was in town for 3 months, to revamp the tapas menu. It’s now a Spanish inspired tapas menu that will be featured […]

The Malaysian Wine Fiesta, Jalan Bangkung Bangsar

The Straits Wine Company recently brought to us, the rather professionally executed Malaysian Wine Fiesta 2012. Featuring more than 40 international winemakers and nearly 200 labels, this year’s Fiesta was anchored at Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar, covering famous eateries such as Cava, Opus, Leonardo’s, Madisons and ‘U’. A wine fair like no other, the Fiesta was […]

Cava @ Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar – the very acceptable alternative to French champagne

I am looking at the front door… waiting for something magical to happen… Where is that man… He hasn’t forgotten has he… hmmm… so here i am.. all by my lonesome self… killing time.. maybe i should pick out a wine… . . . a good year? a bad year? … an in between year? […]

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