A Guinness affair @ Grand Imperial, BSC

As with the start to most years, I hardly know what Chinese zodiac it is, until I get an invite to the next big event. And so, just last week, I found out that we’d just entered the year of the Goat, by way of an invitation from Guinness, to attend a massive Chinese banquet, at […]

Just Heavenly Cafe @ BSC

Oh what glee.. Just heavenly has finally opened a cafe in Bangsar Shopping Center, directly across from A Cut Above, called, Just Heavenly Cafe. This means that now, I can actually sit down to a meal in one of my favourite dessert places, after doing my hair. Oh happy day.   Yes indeed.. Just Heavenly […]

House & Co. @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

House & Co. Great place for Friends & Co. to meet and hangout over lunch. . . . Eat your Top-Hat.. ‘Pai Ti’ .. it’s good for you! Top Hats at house & co. – RM9.00 Kedondong Juice – RM7.00 Taste like leaves, grass and all things chlorophyll in nature.. Herbed Chicken Salad – RM25.00 […]

Kuriya Japanese Restaurant @ Bangsar Shopping Center

Kuriya Japanese Restaurant – fairly new and already packed, at Bangsar Shopping Centre. Sashimi Mori Hana – RM60.00 Fresh, sweet, Taut.. Delectable, no doubt about that. Ozeki Osakaya Chobei 300ml – RM80.00 Fresh, sweet, Tangy – also highly delectable.. ahem! Karatsuki Nama Hotate Butter Yaki -RM80 This was a stir-fried fresh scallop dish with loads […]

Teuscher @ Bangsar Shopping Center

Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland has its origins in a small town in the Swiss Alps. This chocolate is approximately 70 years old. Rumor has it that one fine day, on an impulse, one single, solitary, chocolate-maker decided to embark on a path that would make him one of the world’s greatest chocolatiers… Dolf Teuscher was […]

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