Whisky Masterclass Tasting @ Wei-Ling Gallery, Brickfields

A recent Glenmorangie whisky tasting session, was different, as it saw us walking into a multi-level art gallery, the Wei-Ling Gallery, in an old building, located in an old part of Kuala Lumpur, called Brickfields. Back in the day, the area’s prominence had been due to large a brick making factory (hence the origin of […]

Back to Vishal @ Brickfields KL

The Chef, the Banana Leaf and Vishal.. The great thing about chinese new year holidays is the quiet streets of KL. The bad thing about chinese New Year hols, is the fact that hardly any restaurants are open, the exceptions being Indian, Malay food and or fast food. Since we had a chef from the […]

Seetha Ram @ Little India, Brickfields

We had visited Seetha Ram before without a camera in hand.. now, we were back and armed! From the garish Bollywood posters to the flower sellers who are busy stringing jasmine flowers non-stop to meet the demand, you know you have arrived in “Little India”, Brickfields. Every corner you turn there are shoppers haggled over […]

Shiver me timbers.. Banana Fritters!

What are these monkeys doing? What is this lady looking at? It’s Mr Chiam’s Goreng Pisang Stall (Banana Fritters) and we are hungry! One of the best snacks to have at 4pm in the evening is the famous Kuih Bakul from Mr. Chiam’s Stall in Brickfields. Of course this stall being a bit of an […]

Vishal – chettinad cuisine

That familiar entrance.. How many times have we crossed that threshold.. How many people have we brought to visit its eating hall.. We Malaysians are a lucky lot. Here in our multiracial community, we have exposure to all sorts of cuisine. Chinese, Indian, Malay.. you name it, we have it. Some of these ethnic cooking […]

3 reasons why you should eat your ABC

The Ice Kacang, aka ABC, aka Air Batu Campur is a MUST in any hot city experiencing scorching weather. Here in KL, temperatures can get up to 40 degrees Celsius, and some days are so humid it can give new meaning to the expression ” Hotter than the hottest day in hell”. Oh yes. Humidity […]

Mr. Chiam’s Goreng Pisang Stall @ Brickfields

Cumi & Ciki love Brickfields for many reasons, the main ones being, Peter’s Pork Mee, the Gulab Jamun Man , the famous Vishal Banana Leaf and finally Mr Chiam’s Pisang Goreng Stall. Oh, and the blind massage.. we must not forget the blind massage, but you get the general idea. We like Brickfields for innumerable […]

Moghul Mahal Northern Indian @ Brickfields, KL

Moghul Mahal is pronounced Moghul Meh-hel  and it means, Moghul Palace. how grand! Good After Noon is a greeting offered, when one walks in for lunch at this restaurant! Fennel – on the house People normally eat this last in any good Northern Indian restaurant but I love to eat it first as I enter the shop. […]

Peter Pork Mee @ Brickfields, KL

Peter Pork Noodle. The day after Mowgli (a.k.a. my husband, a.k.a Cumi) emerged from the Sarawakian jungle, unscathed and uneaten by ‘Kaa’… the famished boy-cub took me into Brickfield’s in search of that legendary pot of thick sweet pork meat soup. Don’t talk to me. Don’t look at me. Don’t come near me until I […]

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