Beluga, Boston & Matzusaka @ Chef Choi

I always look forward to dining at Chef Choi, because the experience will inevitably be a luxurious one. And this time, it would be adding Beluga Caviar, to its array of gourmet delicacies. There’s nothing like caviar to excite the tired tastebuds.. and though this exotic and extravagant culinary treat is simply salted fish eggs, […]

Boston Lobsters @ Di Wei, Empire Hotel

When it comes to lobster, simplicity is the best. Just some melted butter, a dash of lime. Or if you are going chinese style, some garlic, pepper or superior sauce will do. I don’t really like to complicate mine especially when he is a hefty, handsome boy, from Boston. Herewith, then, a quick crustacean-centric meal […]

More Food Porn – The Boston Tea Party


Because I am away on my travels.. and I need to fill this space…   .. as well as satisfy my need to drool over something hot.   And you would probably agree, that this angry guy, sure paints a pretty picture.. The Boston Lobster.. Care for a Claw?    

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