10 Things to Do in Sri Lanka

Today’s Blogger in the Spotlight is my buddy Sarah, who hails from the UK. This post is about her amazing journey through Sri Lanka, and her tips on what to look out for, if you ever travel to that country. Too oft overlooked for its neighbouring cousin, India, Sri Lanka is a country with much […]

The 5 Most Challenging Destinations I’ve Ever Visited

Today’s Blogger in the Spotlight is Jason, the cool dude we all know as @digidrift and he is one of the more experienced travellers I know. This guy has covered over 90 countries during his travels and we feel so privileged to have him write about the most challenging destinations he has ever visited. Be […]

5 more Brilliant Colors of Travel

Today’s Blogger in the Spotlight (BITS) is again, the lovely Kathryn Frengs of Travelfusion. A native Los Angeleno from the “left coast” of America, Kathryn has been loving life as an expat in Paris and now currently in London. In the past, Kathryn did a post for us on the Vibrant colors of Travel. Here […]

What it takes to be good photojournalist

This week’s B.I.T.S, Blogger in the Spotlight is none other than our friend from Singapore, Tan Geng Hui. He is an avid photographer with a wide area of photography interests and he mainly shares his journalism writing on his blog. We thought it would be cool to hear about what his passions are , and […]

Where is your Passport, Sir.

This week’s Blogger in the Spotlight (BITS) is a fun-loving foodie who loves to kick my a** at combat class. He writes sometimes quirky, sometimes deep and almost always rather brilliant stuff on his blog.. I often tell him, he is a rare gem of a blogger, just waiting to be discovered and he totally […]

Unmasking Mexico Flavours!

Happy #followfriday readers! This week’s Blogger in the Spotlight (BITS) is none other than Mark who lives in San Francisco. Mark is a “Mexico enthusiast” with a passion for its history, food, geography and most importantly, its diversity of culture and great people. His first time stepping across the border was during his youth while […]

Top 5 cheap eats in Lower Manhattan – how to dine like a real New Yorker!

Today’s Blogger in the Spotlight (BITS) is Leslie of Downtown Traveler and she hails from New York City. Leslie writes for the Examiner under New York Destinations, but I just know her as the gorgeous chick on Twitter that has many, many fans.. and who can blame them? with such a warm smile and kind […]

Top 5 Foods to eat in Indonesia

Oh.. tis Friday.. I feel like a bit, of BITS! Blogger in the Spotlight today is none other than the lovely Gaby, from Indonesia. Indonesia cuisine is known as ‘spice and seasoning daredevil’ and is very tasteful! Many of them are influenced from asiatique/european cuisine, but there are so many dishes that are originally Indonesian, […]

My Mate, Marmite.

Friday night’s gonna be all right! TGIF guys:) Here is this week’s Blogger in the Spotlight (BITS), Abigail King. England gets given a hard time for its food, particularly by its European cousins. The stainless steel vats of saggy cabbage and unidentifiable veg in schools and hospitals up and down the country don’t help much […]

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