Interview with Chef in the Spotlight, Isadora Chai, of Bistro a Table

Chillied squid ink fettuccine with scampi

Today’s Chef in the Spotlight is no stranger amongst the gourmands in Kuala Lumpur. She has really taken the local dining scene by storm. Petite and demure, she is famous for being the chef with the “larger than life” personality (and voice), and the force behind that French bistro in Petaling Jaya, known simply as […]

Bistro à Table – Degustation

Bistro a Table is housed in a modestly sized space and its splashes of vintage French posters, sparse furnishings, low-hanging modern decorations and lazy French vocals played throughout the night, inspires a certain Gallic joie de vivre. Chef-proprietor Isadora Chai’s occasionally wacky but always cutting-edge cooking at Bistro a Table, is well regarded by food […]

Bistro à Table @ Section 17

I think it’s a bad thing that Bistro à Table is only a stone’s throw from our place. The temptation to eat there is just too great, and I feel no remorse when I say that I might actually be dining there again tonight, with my parents and the husband. The last time I came, […]

Bistro à Table

Growing up as part of the MYF (Methodist Youth Fellowship) kids, I remember we came in all shapes, sizes and with different talents too. We had different roles in this youth group but most of the time we were just boisterous kids looking for new ways to vent our extra energy. Well, some things never […]

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