My first Marathon on the Gold Coast, Queensland

Traveling and running, are my two big passions, apart from eating as well, that is. And how nice, when all 3 events collide with each other, in the best possible way. The Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2014 (#GCAM14) was a great reason to re-visit Gold Coast, Queensland, partake in a life changing experience (i.e. running […]

Nuts over Australia !

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One of the great continents to visit, you have to agree with me, is Australia. For us Malaysians it is so close that some even consider it their second home. We have travelled to South West Australia, Queensland and New South Wales, and every time the adventure is different. It takes only a week or […]

Why you should visit Cairns

Cairns Australia, mecca for divers, and not only that, a great holiday destination for food and adventure as well. Cairns, Australia, with loads of great hotels to choose from, and its close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest, tons of scuba divers, make their annual pilgrimage to this gorgeous stretch of beach […]

Top 5 Places to Eat, in Brisbane


This weeks Blogger in the Spotlight is my mate Joe, whom some of you will remember as the guy who recently relocated to Melbourne, Australia, for a very short time, before he had to relocate to Brisbane yet again because he got a better job offer. He wrote a brilliant post for us the last […]

5 Things to help you Speedily and Successfully Relocate to another Country


This weeks Travel Tip comes from a pal of mine, Joe,has recently relocated to Melbourne, Australia, for a very short time, before he had to relocate to Brisbane again and you will soon find out why. You will also read about the perils of job hunting and what you can do to avoid pain and […]

Travel to Live as Many lives as humanly possible

The Goldie 009 _ gold coast Oz

Today’s Guest writer and Travel Tip is from a dear, old friend.. form the KL social scene known simply as just, “The Movement days”. Those of you who are as old as us, will know what I am talking about. Say no more.. because we can’t. Not here on the blog anyway;) It is with […]

“3 photos that have inspired me the most and why”

Traveling gets me excited! Here is Melvin of @Traveldudes with his really cool Travel Tip on Inspiring Photographs. Sunset at the Pinnacles This photo is a real inspiration to me. When we took it, we were in Western Australia at the Pinnacles. We’d traveled for 6 months through Australia & New Zealand. It wasn’t always […]

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