Big Tree Foot @ Pasar Pinji, Ipoh

This tree Is not only a tree It is a special tree, that is always watching over you. This tree Is not only a tree It is a magical tree. That feeds you and feeds you, Thirst is quenched, And nerves are soothe. This tree Is not only a tree, It is where everything started. […]

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A Letter and a Point in the Right direction – Jalan Ipoh Curry Laksa

From time to time , Cumi & Ciki get wonderful emails from readers – some are encouraging and funny, some tell us about their favourite food trails, restaurants, some even give us a point in the direction of where bloggers have failed to eat but remain their ‘special’ place for this or that dish. One […]

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Hello from Pangandaran, Java

Hi Folks! I am writing this post from the sleepy, beach town of Pangandaran. Pangandaran is a small town and a sub-district in southern Ciamis regency, West Java, Indonesia. It is located on the southern coast of Java, is excellent for surfing, and is also the midway point between Bandung and Yogyakarta, and seemed like […]

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Friedchillies’ Office Launch @ Damansara Perdana

WHAT A NIGHT! We were totally unprepared for the feast that awaited us at the recent Friedchillies Office Launch Party, that we were invited to. So many bloggers graced the event that I’ve lost count ! Even the lovely AWOL (A Whiff of Lemongrass) was gobsmacked by the wonderful array of food and cakes the […]

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Lung Seng Seafood Restaurant @ Tanjung Tualang, Perak

Using the Ipoh-Lumut Highway, Federal route 5 that is a major highway connecting Ipoh in the east until Lumut in the west, is a breeze! We can actually make it to Tanjung Tualang (TT) in just 45 minutes. This highway was upgraded from single carriageway to dual carriageway approximately 3 years ago and is fantastically […]

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Hey Fatboybakes, may I have one for my birthday puh-leese.. ? 😛 photo from here

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Yee Fatt @ Jalan Kampar, Ipoh

Tan Cha – Herbal Tea with Egg Yee Fatt in Ipoh is famous for laid-back breakfasts, slow leisurely late morning tea and coffee sessions whilst browsing the newspapers, old-timers sitting around killing time and young guys grabbing a quick bite before the sales pitch starts.  I am of course talking “off peak” here and not […]

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Manic Monday – Don’t forget your punctuation!

Hi peeps and tweeps! Funnies to chase away your Monday blues .. photo from here

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New Formosa @ SS2, PJ

Midweek and the work is pouring in. Arrgh.. somebody turn off the tap please. Alternatively, sit and wait at the phone and hope some kind soul (like for example, someone like Marian), calls to invite you for some nice dinner, not too far from home. Oh someone up there heard me! My prayers were indeed […]

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Movie Review: Adam 2009

Tis the season of love! Henceforth, a ballad to pull at your heartstrings from the movie Adam. Send or stalk(!) your Valentine with this tune! Joshua Radin rekindles and ignites our spirit with his signature sound that has blessed several movies/sitcoms such as Scrubs and Garden State. If you want to overdose on the love […]

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