Cave dining with Dom Pérignon Second Plénitude (P2-1998)

Just a few days from our return from Japan, Moet Hennessy Diageo whisked us away to a mystery location for the revealing of Dom Pérignon Second Plénitude (P2-1998), the Second Plenitude of the premiere champagne maker. As we embarked on the highway in heavily tinted black Alphards, the guests took turns guessing the destination. None […]

Ipoh Canning Garden Chee Cheong Fun

This man, is a bit of an Ipoh enigma. They say, that he was once such a rich and successful business man that he had more money than he cared for, or knew what to do with. But instead, he preferred to make chee cheong fun. In fact, he’s so good at it that he […]

Hung Kee Rice Shop Ipoh

Every time  I get to go back to Ipoh for work, I get really excited. 1. it’s my hometown 2. I get to see my grandparents (aged 94 and 89) and 3. I get to pig out on good food. Also, being from Ipoh and everything, I thought I knew most of the great places […]

Happy Cones Ipoh

Another one of my ex-colleagues has started up his own business in Ipoh. I am so proud of him! It’s called Happy Cones and they are in the business of making ice-creams and yogurt fixes for everybody! OK, maybe not everybody but mainly Tesco shoppers and visitors from KL or outside Ipoh, like moi. Presenting […]

Big Tree Foot @ Pasar Pinji, Ipoh

This tree Is not only a tree It is a special tree, that is always watching over you. This tree Is not only a tree It is a magical tree. That feeds you and feeds you, Thirst is quenched, And nerves are soothe. This tree Is not only a tree, It is where everything started. […]

Lung Seng Seafood Restaurant @ Tanjung Tualang, Perak

Using the Ipoh-Lumut Highway, Federal route 5 that is a major highway connecting Ipoh in the east until Lumut in the west, is a breeze! We can actually make it to Tanjung Tualang (TT) in just 45 minutes. This highway was upgraded from single carriageway to dual carriageway approximately 3 years ago and is fantastically […]

Yee Fatt @ Jalan Kampar, Ipoh

Tan Cha – Herbal Tea with Egg Yee Fatt in Ipoh is famous for laid-back breakfasts, slow leisurely late morning tea and coffee sessions whilst browsing the newspapers, old-timers sitting around killing time and young guys grabbing a quick bite before the sales pitch starts.  I am of course talking “off peak” here and not […]

Restoran Xin Quan Fang Curry Mee @ Ipoh New Town, Ipoh

I get really excited when I see that Police Station ! Oops.. i get so excited i don’t know NEW from OLD! Lol.. thanks reader for pointing it out ! It means that GOOD FOOD is just a STREET away. I can’t wait. It’s killing me. There it is! I honestly don’t ever remember the […]

Soon Fatt Bao and Funny Mountain Tau Fu Fa, Ipoh

A Brief intermission to talk about my 2 other favourite SNACKS in Ipoh… The FAMOUS BAO! and the FAMOUS TAU FU FA! First the BAO (Dumpling). This is the place we normally tapau our BAO – Soon Fatt. My aunt says.. just say Soon Fatt Bao – everyone knows la ! OK, ok, … so […]

Cheong Kee Beef Ball Noodle – Ipoh Leong Char Mui

Look at this structure! It’s such an eye-sore. My fav place for Ngau-Lam Mee (Beef Brisket and ‘bits-and-bobs‘ noodle.. !) in Ipoh is near a dilapidated, abandoned, ex- feng tau (ecstasy) joint… It’s really run down and horrific to look at. It kills the entire scenery. It really does. Not only that…. … it’s located […]

Pork Porridge – Ipoh Chee Chap Chook

Seriously, that’s how it was printed on the MENU. Prok Porridge ! Such a cute menu too… The place hardly looks like it would have a menu to show you.. but it does! IT has a menu! Anyways, along the way to Leong Kee, Jalan Pasir Puteh, we passed the most amazing sight.. CNY decorations […]

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