Kokopelli Travellers Bistro @ Section14, PJ

“If Kokopelli has lured you with his magical flute, it is time to listen to his song. This song is one of fertility. You are being asked to use your talents to create fertility in some area of your life. If things have been slow moving, Kokopelli’s song is saying that whatever you intend to [...]

Canton Fare @ Solaris, Mont Kiara

We were invited to Dinner at Canton Fare with our friends L & B. They recently got engaged so, congratulations L&B! This place goes by the nick “King of Roasts” so we just had to try for ourselves what all the fuss was about. Thanks to L&B, and also C&C (that’s us) being bottomless pits [...]

Schokolart @ Solaris, Mont Kiara

Eventhough I prefer Godiva for their dark, creamy chocolates and truffles, I absolutely DIE for the chocolate artwork at Schokolart. They take creativity i.e. colors, shapes and flavours to new heights! The handmade swiss chocolates are so mind-bogglingly delicate and beautiful in design that you don’t want to eat them.. you just want to stare [...]

Delicious @ Dua Annexe, KL

Outside, it’s raining and wet and I am stuck in a JAM on Jalan Tun Razak. Just my luck.. this evening I have a run, but looks like due to wet weather conditions, that will be cancelled too. This is bad. I need something to cheer me up. I pull into Dua Annexe and things [...]

Pannaz Restaurant @ Damansara Perdana – 1st Annual Foodsters’ Awards

The Fried Chillies 1st Annual Foodsters’ Awards, and the Foodies’ Choice categories up for nominations were: 1. Best Nasi Lemak 2. Best Char Kuey Teow 3. Best Banana Leaf Rice 4. Best Street Burger Stall 5. Best Kopitiam We were there at the appreciation dinner, at Pannaz Restaurant, Damansara Perdana, and what a night it [...]

La bodega Deli @ Jalan Telawi, Bangsar

All out of ideas for Easter and what to bring to that Pot-Luck Party, That Get2gether, That Children’s Church Party, That Social event..? Don’t be boring and bring a SALAD. Be the talk of the town and bring HOT CROSS BUNS – yea, you heard me.. something we sing about in nursery rhymes but have [...]

Decanter Too @ Desa Sri Hartamas, KL

de·cant·er (d-kntr) A vessel used for decanting, especially a decorative bottle used for serving wine. a stoppered bottle into which a drink is poured for serving ox·tail (äks′tāl′) noun: the tail of an ox, steer, or cow, esp. when skinned and used in soup/stew. flash (fl’ esh) v. flashed, flash·ing, flash·es v.intr. 1. To burst [...]

Ozeki Japanese KL, Sultan Lounge & Rats Tails @ Jalan Sultan

Ozeki. During Earth hour, we watched the Petronas Twin towers disappear before our very eyes, from behind the glass of Ozeki. That gaping black space was a cool reminder to ‘vote earth’ and keep up the good fight against global warming/climate change. Do your part and reduce your carbon footprint so that future generations may [...]

I Came, I saw.. I Macaron-ed.

It was so dainty. So cute. But it was so bloody technical and taxing on my chubby fingers that I will probably never make another Macaron again. The only reason I was there, at The Cooking House, was because of the free voucher I got from the My Nourishment Magazine launch a couple of months [...]

Tasting Room @ Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar

On their website, Tasting Room states experiencing their wine bistro is akin to a ‘flight concept’ – “a gourmet tasting journey from beginning to end, with one (or several) stopovers in between! As with all tasting tours, as you travel along, you will encounter different regions with their own distinctive styles and flavours. Served all [...]

Leonardo’s @ Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar

Meet the (not very, but he likes to think) incognito Fatboybakes, the Sassy Memoirs of a Chocoholic .. and, Thrill-seeker Jules. What do the 3 food bloggers above have in common.. ?(apart from knowing ME, that is, ahem..) . . . Well, we all heard about Nibbleish.com … ..at LEONARDO’S … on the same evening, [...]