El Meson @ Telawi, Bangsar

At which restaurant can you eat and eat until you are so stuffed you need to stand against the wall for support? El Meson of course. Iberico overload at lunch is really the reason we look so plethoric! The number of Spanish restaurants in Kuala Lumpur has increased substantially over the past 5 years.. Spanish […]

Bangkok Tom Yam @ Old Town PJ

I have asked many of my foreigner friends who have ever visited Thailand, what their favourite Thai food is. Without a doubt and almost without exception rings back the answer “Tom Yam Gung”. If I ask my Malaysian friends what their favourite Thai food is in Thailand, it’s normally a mixed reply of  “Tom Yam, […]

Reggae Bar, Bar Italia @ Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL

PRG – RM16.00 This is the Pink Reggae Girl.. and we are at the Reggae bar! The Rasta Wagyu Beef 100gm – RM80.00 The Wagyu here whilst reasonably price for its weight of 100mg, was overcooked. Oh , what a shame that we could not fully appreciate the soft succulent fatty marbling and pink, medium-rare […]

Waiting @ Pusat Penjaja Jalan Air Panas, Setapak

She sits in anticipation of something she knows will be worth the wait. She has been here many times and has sat in this very stool under this same zinc roof top on different occasions. She knows she’s good at waiting. She has waited 10 minutes before but she has also waited half an hour […]

Havana @ Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL

When I heard from Sean of EatdrinkKL that they served Alligator meat at Havana, I wasted no time dragging Paranoid Android (PA) to the joint. Seeing as rich man PA lives just a stone’s throw from this upmarket part of town, I knew he would have no qualms joining me for lunch. “Say ah… !” […]

Diced and sliced – Sentul

It is diced, sliced, sometimes minced and flavoured; everyone has a take; It is chicken, goat, mutton, wild-boar, sometimes even crocodile or snake; It is bamboo pierced, coconut mid-rib pierced, drive a slim sharpened stick through its centre; It is grilled, it is barbecued, over a wood or charcoal fire; It is Javanese, it is […]

El Meson @ Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar

First meal of the year, I met up with A lil fat Monkey at El Meson Bangsar before heading out to the karaoke session at the Curve with Hairyberry, YKH, LL, Chuiz, CY, Cheryl and Bari. Many food bloggers have covered this place rather extensively on dinner, so let me just say that for just […]

Albion @ Jalan Berangan, Changkat Bukit Bintang

Albion. This place is spanking new. So new that the menu does not have a price list on it yet! The owner was so nice, he told us, just eat and pay what you like at the end. As Albion only opens its doors to the public next Tuesday proper, this is some sort of  […]

B & Best Seafood Noodle @ SS4, PJ

We read about B & Best Seafood noodles from Masak-masak, who read about it from KYspeaks who says that it is a great favourites of Huai Bin’s. Phew.. now you know the history. Anyway, the most outstanding thing about B & Best Seafood Noodles and Porridge is the shear selection of seafood that they have […]

Soon Tong Restaurant @ Southern Park, Klang

We received instructions to drive pass HTAR (Klang General Hospital), when we see a Shell Petrol Station on the right, be prepared to turn left at the next traffic light which is located opposite an Esso Station. After the turn, there is a 7-11 store. Turn left again at the next junction and drive along […]

Waterlily Bistro @ Mutiara Tropicana

This new Balinese Restaurant, The Waterlily, is just a stones throw from my office in Tropicana.  This place though unique looking in design (well, about as unique as a Balinese restaurant can be) is a franchise and falls under the same group as Ole-Ole Bali and Bumbu Bali. I have not been a fan of […]

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