Restoran Ghee Fong @ Jalan Air Panas, Setapak

Of late, Cumi & Ciki have been a little crazy about the Setapak area for good food. Great Chinese-style fried noodles to be precise. So, with A lil Fatmonkey in tow, we decided to head on back to the Jalan Air Panas area to seek out some cheap and tasty food. This Hawker Stall is […]

Sunshine Chicken Farm – PART II , Lunch at Kuala Lipis

PART II – Kuala Lipis Town and Lunch. Later, exploring Bentong Town. Imagine, in the 1880s, a town in the middle of nowhere; accessible only by river, which took at least a couple of days to a week of paddling to get to. Why carve a town in the heart of the jungle? Why not […]

Sunshine Chicken Farm @ Kuala Lipis, Pahang

PART I This post is entitled : HOW TO CASTRATE A CHICKEN. Do not watch the following videos if you are squeamish! Following our review of the Yim Kai (Castrated Chicken) at Chef Tam where we met Gerald d’Cruz of the Kuala Lipis Sunshine Chicken farm, we were soon invited  by him, to see the […]

O Gourmet, Champagne Breakfast @ Bangsar Shopping Center

Sweets for the sweet and sugar for my honey, not to mention spices, for the spicy! BSC’s luxury food hall in the East Wing Concourse area, is called O Gourmet and showcases the biggest range yet, of gourmet foods. We were invited by Nigel, Allan and Ann of A Slice of Heaven, to attend Bangsar […]

Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa

On a rainy morning such at this.. I am craving something HOT and spicy, just like this. 2 plates of nasi lemak  – RM5.90 Paru-paru Goreng – RM3.95, Sambal Sotong RM4.95, Rendang Ayam – RM4.95 Cokodok Pisang RM2.50 Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa in Dataran Sunway. Air-conditioned and comfortable. Too bad the Paru-paru was hard, the sotong […]

Chef Choi “Thanksgiving” @ Jalan Ampang, KL

A text message from bubbly Ms. Chan reminded me of a turkey dinner that was to happen, in 2 days. Part of the message stated “…come with your appetite…” Now as I recall from our last meal at Chef Choi, we were surprised by the quantity and quality of food served, that left us stuffed, […]

Cafe Chidori @ Pusat Perdagangan Dana 1, Ara Damansara

No, I am not back from the UK, but I prepared this post before I left. How’s that for hard-working;) Chidori or Chidoriya, as this place is affectionately known as, means “a thousand birds” lovely! The food they cook here is Japanese home-style and the owner and chef is a direct importer of  fresh […]

Cristang @ 8 Avenue, PJ

The hors d’oeuvres known as devils on horseback (bacon-wrapped dates) and pigs in blanket (cocktail franks in puff pastry) never fail to make me chuckle. I mean, aren’t those names just so cute? Well to tell you the truth, the devils on horseback is the reason I keep coming back to Cristang. Their version is […]

Restaurant Foon Lock @ Kg Bukit Tinggi, Bentong

FBB is a manic driver! We missed the lane at the toll and he promptly told Cumi to get down and move the barrier so that he could get into the correct lane. Also, we missed the turn off for Genting, and FBB stopped the car on the highway and reversed back into the correct […]

Restoran Bukit Tinggi BBQ @ Bentong, Pahang

High Hills BBQ Restaurant. When A lil fat monkey told us that we were going there for lunch, I envisioned grassy plains, cool weather and a massive Australian BBQ pit. After all, the name “High Hills” sounded so Western plus the word BBQ is just down right Mat Salleh. Anyway, just some quick information on […]

Pusat Penjaja @ Jalan Air Panas, Setapak

When Cumi gets it into his head that he wants to eat something ‘different’ and far, far away from where we live, he normally gets his way. Since he is the walking G.P.S., I hardly have qualms letting him lead the way. Setapak, is about as foreign as it gets, to me. This Pusat Penjaja […]

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