Genji Japanese Restaurant @ PJ Hilton

ZestPJ dot com and theQguides dot com.. ever heard of these two names? Well, up to a couple of months back, neither had I. ZestPJ is in fact thePJ Hilton’s blog for its restaurants and bars, and theQguides is a beverage and food website portal. The How it Works. 1. Book online with its […]

Yik See Ho Bakuteh @ Pudu

So.. where is the best Bakuteh in KL? PUDU! We personally have the highest regard for BKT Yik See Ho. This place is situated in the vicinity of the Pudu Wet Market and is a hot favourite amongst KL-lites. Some may beg to differ or have their own favourites but for now, C&C bring their […]

Yap Hup Kee Yong Tau Foo @ Pudu

Our friends were visiting from Melbourne, en route Bali. We just had to take them for some local food whilst they were in town. Yap Hup Kee – the famous Yong Tau Foo shop in Pudu. “What the hell is that black thing.. can you eat that?” says Ger & N. After some clarification, Ger […]

Chinese Medicinal Herbal Tea @ Jalan Pasar, KL

Whenever Cumi has a sore-throat or is feeling a little too much “heat” in his body, he drags me to visit the herbal medicinal tea man, on Jalan Pasar. For me, coming from a scientific background, I honestly do not trust the brown stuff/powder that the old man mixes into the herbal tea. It tastes […]

Sage @ The Garden, KL – A Surprise Birthday Lunch

Who does not like surprises? Most people do. Anyway, the stage was set and the people lay in wait for LL to appear. The venue: Sage at the Gardens.. The time:12.45pm At 1pm sharp LL arrives and we all yell… SURPRISE! “Awww, so sweet la you guys.. I swear I didn’t know!” Phew… we came […]

Rice Cafe @ Bangsar, KL

Rice Cafe.. we go here to eat rice! The set is extremely affordable. Set Nasi Lemak is just under RM10 but the best thing about this is the accompanying crispy, sizzling, freshly fried, FRIED chicken! For variety, try the lemongrass fried chicken – the herbs are superb.. so good you end up eating the skin […]

Pot Luck

No, no.. these are not Manhunt Malaysia’s finalists.. . . . ..but rather, part of the hungry MOB at Pey2’s Fabulous PotLuck, hosted at Nigel’s! 1. FBB and wife – Pear & Ginger and Spinster/Spencer 2. Ciki & Qwazymunky – Charsiew from Paramount Gardens 3. Pey Pey – Chocolates with essential oils 4. Unkaleong & […]

Langkawi Island

The things I like best about Langkawi Island are.. That big, handsome eagle that watches over the Island at Dataran Lang/ Langkawi Eagle Square.. The Cheap, cheap local food on every street corner… The cute booze displays in Kuah Town, alcohol haven… Did I say, the cheap, cheap booze in Kuah Town, alcohol haven;) …. […]

Tatto @ Jalan Tun Razak, KL

The 5 senses: touch, see, smell, hear and taste. I can smell Perfume, flowers, Baking bread; I can hear Music, laughter, Words you said; I can feel Silk and velvet, A scallop divine; I can see the sheerness, on carpaccio dine. Am I sleeping or am I awake, The freshest of seafoods is almost too […]

Moxie @ Damansara Heights, KL

We love the food at Moxie! From the Charming manager Johan, to the wonderfully scrumptious creations of the Chef, we always have a great time at Moxie. If you like your starters healthy, with not much oil, and not too big a portion, the Parcel of Seafood Melange is for you. This is the mix […]

Nero Fico @ Jalan Dungun, KL

There was a massive jam leading all the way into Hartamas, so we decided to do a slight detour and ended up in Damansara Heights instead. Nero Fico on Jalan Dungun.. we wanted to check this restaurant out, since we had not been here from the time it opened. (We recently tried Al Padrino across […]