Hennessy Appreciation Grows 2014 at Danga Bay, Johor Bahru

Has time really passed so quickly? Hennessy Appreciation Grows is no stranger to those in Malaysia or to those who read this blog. This year,¬†Hennessy Appreciation Grows 2014 would take us to the south of West Malaysia. Taking place for the very first time in Johor Bahru, men in bow ties and women in evening […]

Kway Teow Kia and Pork Offal, Johor Bahru

How do I begin to describe this place? For starters, I am not from Johor Bahru. I could not find my way around even if I had a GPS because the roads are rather confusing. I totally had to rely on my colleagues to take me to eat the “legendary spare-parts of the pig” at […]

Chez Papa French Bistro, Restoran Soon Chiang & Seng Steam Fish @ JB

Two chinese restaurants and a french bistro People keep telling me that there is nothing (good) to eat in JB. “YOU will be bored and hungry”, that’s what they say. Well, I was lucky enough to get to eat at 3 different restaurants ,which were actually pretty good! Me: “What’s for lunch today?” Friend:”We are […]

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