Starting the New Year right… at New Formosa

The first time I fell in love with the food at New Formosa, has got to be the first time I ate their Three Cup Chicken. You see, three cup chicken is a classic Taiwanese dish, one which I only learned to appreciate, when I visited New Formosa a couple of years back and tried […]

Chinese New Year @ New Formosa PJ


When Mrs Jeanie Lee of New Formosa, calls you for dinner, you should readily accept, simply because, she’s a fantastic cook. And she really does cook the best Taiwanese cuisine in town. Taiwanese food street dessert – jiu-fen I love Taiwanese food – heavy on pork, meat, seafood and vegetables, with an emphasis on textures […]

New Formosa @ SS2, PJ

Midweek and the work is pouring in. Arrgh.. somebody turn off the tap please. Alternatively, sit and wait at the phone and hope some kind soul (like for example, someone like Marian), calls to invite you for some nice dinner, not too far from home. Oh someone up there heard me! My prayers were indeed […]

Taipei, Taiwan

Touchdown Taipei! After a 5 hour flight to Taipei and a slow, 1 & half hour journey into the city by coach, we see that oh so famous structure , sticking out of the landscape like a phallic monolith.. Taiwan is an island located off the coast of southeastern China, southwest of Okinawa and north […]

Taipei.. bloodied and bruised!

AKAN DATANG! (COMING SOON.. ) See how this monkey suffered in Taipei from eating.. THIS.. Pride comes before a fall. Bloodied and bruised. Ate blood. Ego bruised. I vant to suck your BLURD!

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