Queen’s Restaurant @ Jalan Peel, Cheras

Food fit for the Queen at Restoran Queen, Cheras! LOL… OK, the surroundings are hardly fit for the Queen (but the Queen of DSLR can la.. :P) Do not look too closely at your surroundings. Best focus of the juicy stick of satay and the sterile looking styrofoam bowls of sauce. Oh yea, the individual […]

RAMA V @ Jalan U Thant, KL

Thai food is synonymous with spicy chilies. What is Spicy Thai food if it is less than Cathartic in nature, right? I don’t know about you, but I am addicted to mind-blowingly HOT, tongue-numbing Thai food. A few reasons why Chili in Thai food is Good for you: 1. Chili has a lot of fiber. […]

House & Co. @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

House & Co. Great place for Friends & Co. to meet and hangout over lunch. . . . Eat your Top-Hat.. ‘Pai Ti’ .. it’s good for you! Top Hats at house & co. – RM9.00 Kedondong Juice – RM7.00 Taste like leaves, grass and all things chlorophyll in nature.. Herbed Chicken Salad – RM25.00 […]

Al Maghreb Moroccan Restaurant @ Jalan Damai, KL

This is my mate, Brother B, getting high on Moroccan Tea. He seems right at home seated on the verandah of this laid-back, colourfully tiled restaurant. This Moroccan restaurant situated on Jalan Damai is famous for its Middle Eastern and Mediterranean eateries. We are talking about none other than Al Maghreb. Al-Maghreb Restaurant serves authentic […]

Kuriya Japanese Restaurant @ Bangsar Shopping Center

Kuriya Japanese Restaurant – fairly new and already packed, at Bangsar Shopping Centre. Sashimi Mori Hana – RM60.00 Fresh, sweet, Taut.. Delectable, no doubt about that. Ozeki Osakaya Chobei 300ml – RM80.00 Fresh, sweet, Tangy – also highly delectable.. ahem! Karatsuki Nama Hotate Butter Yaki -RM80 This was a stir-fried fresh scallop dish with loads […]

Bulgogi BBQ House @ The Strand, Kota Damansara

Bulgogi BBQ house at the new area in Kota Damansara, The Strand. Decent, time-efficient, set-lunches for the working person at very affordable prices. The Value meal is just under RM10 per person and it comes with all the lovely Korean side dishes as well. Bulgogi literally means “fire meat” in Korean (this refers to the […]

Teuscher @ Bangsar Shopping Center

Teuscher Chocolates of Switzerland has its origins in a small town in the Swiss Alps. This chocolate is approximately 70 years old. Rumor has it that one fine day, on an impulse, one single, solitary, chocolate-maker decided to embark on a path that would make him one of the world’s greatest chocolatiers… Dolf Teuscher was […]

Char Siew Zhai Wantan Mee @ Sea Park, PJ

We’ve seen this place packed with people during the lunchtime and we wanted to check out the roasted meats and the wantan noodle in this shop. We ordered our noodles separate and ordered portions of Roast Duck, Roast Pork and BBQ Pork. The texture of the wantan noodle was not bad. It had a nice, […]


This post is about an incredibly popular Malaysian snack known as the Angku. It is a glutinous rice cake with bean or peanut filling, but it has move on to other unusual fillings like durian and coffee. Basically the skin of the Angku is made from glutinous rice flour. Dough is made from it and […]

Il Padrino @ Damansara Heights, KL

Il Padrino at UOA – we read about this place on Eat Drink KL. We decided to pay the ‘Godfather’ a visit. Antipasto misto “il padrino” – RM78.00 This starter for two of bresaola, tomato buffalo mozzarella, calamari, parma ham with melon and grilled vegetables was served relatively quickly. It was light and refreshing with […]

Izakaya Tamako Japanese Restaurant @ Plaza Damas, KL

It was my cousin’s birthday this week and we had dinner with him at the cozy Izakaya Tamako, in Plaza Damas. Agedashi tofu is an old and revered dish. Izakaya is a type of Japanese drinking establishment which also serves food to accompany the drinks. The food is usually more substantial than that offered in […]