‘F’ by Buffalo Kitchens

Upscale casual dining might be all the rage these days, but nothing compares to the drama of a bustling open kitchen at a real restaurant. Plus, you get to watch the chef, prepare the food you’re about to eat in a second. house cured ocean salmon with smoked roe Located above Chawan and directly opposite Bangsar [...]

Living Food Bistro-Café

Living Food Bistro-Café in Kuala Lumpur is the sort of cafe that we should have more of in town. I mean, it’s really hard to find folks who share your enthusiasm about achieving high energy health and vitality by incorporating whole, raw and living foods into their lives. Not only that, these sort of high [...]

The Fiery BBQ Buffet @ Empire Subang

BBQ buffets, in case you haven’t noticed, or endured the endless lines of people, especially during the holiday season, are big and hot. It’s also apt to start a fight, especially when folks hog the stations where all the good meat resides. But then again, without such a heated atmosphere, would the out-door BBQ be [...]

Tis the Season to be Feasting … Christmas 2013 @ Mezze !

The food at Mezze, in Damansara Heights, rarely disappoints. The last time we were here, we had the pleasure of the company of visiting chef, Baptiste Fournier, of the One star Michelin restaurant, La Tour, France, Revisits Mezze Bistro. He did a fine job of the degustation dinner, and it ranks way up there on [...]

Signature @ The Roof , Bandar Utama

Having a cocktail, or dinner, high above the city and taking in spectacular views at one of the best rooftop bars, this side of town, is one of my favorite things to do, on the weekend. For us PJ folk, The Roof at Bandar Utama sure beats sitting in traffic for 2 hours, trying to [...]

The Eatery & The Best Brew @ Four Points Penang

If you’re stay at the Four Points, you might want to start your day with a tasty breakfast and enjoy delicious Malaysian and international cuisines at The Eatery, its all-day dining restaurant. The Eatery, is bright and cheery, with a comfortably trendy, spacious design. Featuring live cooking stations offering Asian and International buffet spreads including pizza, [...]

The Bigger, Better and Bubblier Sparkalite ‘4Cs’ Sunday Brunch @ InterContinental KL !

Do you remember back in the day when he first proposed? Or when he took you shopping for the perfect engagement ring? Well, that was really my first encounter with the 4C’s. You see, diamonds are all about the 4C’s.. i.e. colour, clarity, cut and carat. Happiness defined by Singaporeans is also found in the 4C’s [...]

Gastro Sentral @ Le Meridien KL

There are, unfortunately, a few meals I wish I could have skipped, this year, i.e. the joyless plates slapped together by cynical or lackadaisical kitchens. But such unhappy memories have a way of vanishing (kind of like how one puts lacquer over a scratched parquet tile to make it looks spanking new) when one recalls [...]

Gobo Upstairs Unlimited Lunch for only RM50++

Upstairs Unlimited. What exactly does that mean? Well, a long time ago, Gobo Upstairs at Traders Hotel KL, used to have this unlimited lunch promo, something which they have now recently revived. Back by popular demand, lunch hour at Gobo Upstairs has never been more thrilling (especially for big eaters), because for just RM50++ you [...]

Let’s sup on International Favourites @ Gobo Chit Chat, Traders Hotel

Follow your nose, to the delicious International buffet at Gobo Chit Chat, at Traders Hotel KL.. We look around and the place is packed to the rafters. Not only that, the buffet counters are somewhat heaving under the weight of the variety of food. I looked around and did a mental calculation of the dishes [...]

Time to NOSH!

With two huge Malaysian celebrations coming up, Ramadan and Merdeka, NOSH is celebrating our local heritage over two months in their own special style. Speaking to Ann and Judith, they felt that creating some new, exciting Malaysian contemporary dishes, was one of the best ways to celebrate being Malaysians. And really, what do Malaysians generally [...]