Vinni Jeyaa Banana Leaf Rice @ Pasar Seni

Every time we are in the Pasar Seni area, and we’ve finished with lunch, we always walk past this Indian Banana leaf rice (BLR) shop, Vinni Jeya, that makes us stop dead in our tracks to oogle its food advertisements. This one item always jumps out at us – a neon green thosai.

Appu Uncle Curry House @ Section 19

“Kai Pavi Da!”  Says the huge garish sign featuring a popular Tamil actor, which means “Use Hand la!” And the food here is so tasty, I really don’t mind if I do. What I die a little each time for is the fish head curry here, as well as the prawn curry. The Putu Mayam […]

I’ve Reached Nirvana.. at Restoran Sri Nirwana Maju!

Talk about reaching Nirvana.. at Sri Nirwana Maju! Why does vegetarian Indian taste so good? Heck some say it tastes better than the real deal. Vegetarian chicken and especially mutton has that lovely texture and flavour, minus the gaminess that many find unappealing in the real meat. You don’t feel so heavy after eating the […]

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