Wang Chiew Pork Knuckle

To some of my American friends, the words ‘pork knuckle’ summon horrific images of knobby, stringy joints and inedible parts and is usually met with a shudder and upturned nose. Luckily, my Brazilian friends, are totally 100% into the Pork knuckle. Too bad for the Yanks, and more for me (and the South Americans), I [...]

Going Balls Deep @ Yang Kee Beef Ball Noodle

We recently went balls deep with Mr. Siew from Yang Kee Seapark’s popular beef ball noodle. The somewhat shy owner of the stall had invited us months back to watch him make beef meatballs which he does by hand. It wasn’t until he invited us to observe his artisanal skills that it occurred in our [...]

King Beef and the Kingdom of Best Bean @ Pudu

Sometimes, fate brings you to a place, different from the intended. We have our regular haunts in Pudu, places where we eat pretty frequently. We were thinking of visiting our usual Chinese owned Indian food shop, but thinking it would be too heavy a meal, Cumi decided to drop-by another popular eatery hidden on the [...]

Char Siew Fix at Spring Golden Restaurant, Shah Alam

BBQ pork or Char Siew is a famous street-side, Chinese hawker dish that everyone loves. But what makes a great plate for Char Siew? Is it the perfect fat to lean ratio of meat? Is it the skewers of pork meat marinated in a secret, homemade honey hoisin sauce, then roasted till it resembles charred, [...]

Sing Wah Coffee Shop @ Jalan Gasing

During the wet, wet, rainy season, nothing hits the spot like a hot pot of Bak Kut Teh. The name literally translates as “meat bone tea”, and, at its simplest, consists of fatty pork ribs simmered in a broth of herbs and spices including star anise, cinnamon, wolfberries, cloves, dong guai, fennel seeds and garlic, [...]

5 Top Spots for Yong Tau Foo in KL!

Everyone has their favourite haunt for Yong Tau Foo. It used to be Ampang for us, but now a days, we have different favourites. For the uninitiated, Yong Tau Foo means stuffed bean curd, although you will actually see other items apart from bean curd, stuffed with a meat paste of either fish or pork, [...]

Enamored with Economy Rice… Chap Fan @ Pudu KL

Most people in KL go for Economy Rice (aka Mixed Rice or Chap Fan) during lunch time, because it is fast, convenient, value-for-money and the dishes can be considered home-cooked. Many folks have their favorites, and so do we. Apart form looking for tasty dishes at affordable prices, we also try to find one which [...]

Weng Onn Chicken Rice Shop @ Taman Cheras


Chicken rice sounds like such a simple dish – chicken and rice. Doesn’t exactly seem very exciting right? But on the streets of KL, even this simple hawker fare takes some deceptively sophisticated preparation, involving poached chicken and rice cooked in fragrant, fatty chicken stock. Roasted chicken is usually available as an alternative to the [...]

Late Night Dining, @ Jalan Seladang, Pudu


The Malaysian, late night hawker dining phenomenon is legendary, and one such place that’s an icon for this, is the hawker stall, on Jalan Seladang Pudu, KL. This is one of our all time favourite places for a good, cheap dinner which we have been frequenting for years. We never blogged this place any earlier [...]

Pan Mee @ Hock Thai SS2

What makes a good Pan Mee? Well, for starters, it needs to be handmade.  It should be rolled into roughly the same shape of balls of dough, left in water, then pinched by hand, and pulled to give you nice soft, chewy noodles. The chinese lady, at Hock Thai SS2, makes her special hand pulled [...]

Moon Kee Fish Head Noodles @ Section 19, PJ

It isn’t easy to find, good fish head noodles in my part of the hood. Most places we like are located further away such has this one, in Pudu and this one in Puchong. There’s even a good one in Subang, and as you can tell, we don’t really mind traveling around town for good [...]