ANSWERS to the Fruits/Veg/Plants

Thanks to all those who replied to our ‘plea’. We were hoping to receive more contributions to the fruits/veg/plants post but sadly there wasn’t enough.  Is our audience void of plant biologists/horticulturists/farmers/planters? With the help of contributors, we researched further to give you some answers… Specimen A: Abiu (Pouteria caimito) – Apparently found mostly in […]

What fruit/plant/veg? Enlisting the help of Netizens… in particular 1Malaysians

We found these specimens at Tanah Rimba and Bukit Tinggi Market. Your help in identifying them will bring good karma to you for enlightening many other netizens.Specimen A – Fruit. Looks like a yellow brinjal/persimmon. Tastes similar to a mildly sweet persimmon. Texture; smooth creamy/ over ripe persimmon. Size; a little bigger than a large […]

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