Delectable Florals by Delectable Su

I think I just died and went to buttercream heaven. It’s no secret that both me and Cumi are crazy about old-school buttercream cakes. The sort we grew up on and ate as kids, especially after school, if we had been particularly bright that week, and our parents wanted to rewards us. And these days […]

Top 10 Mooncakes for 2014

Mooncakes are all the rage, around this time of year. And we have seen the craze morph from the traditional icon of the Mid Autumn Festival, to more contemporary forms, such as jelly mooncakes, innovative snow skin flavours and the like. Even the packaging has gone from simple, to extravagant boxes that house these festive treats. […]

Penang Rojak & Cendol Ali

Here’s an update to our previous post on Top 3 Cendol spots in KL.. we are adding another! This one is called Penang Rojak & Cendol Ali, and as the name suggests, the Rojak is very similar in style to that of the Penang rojak.

Top 10 Must Try Desserts at NOSH !

Top 10 Must Try Desserts at NOSH..   Would you believe it if I told you that last weekend, we tried 10 cakes in one sitting! Talk about sugar high.. but then again, if it’s cakes from NOSH, then it’s worth the sugar intake. Besides, we can always run it off later. Anyway, we are […]

Valrhona Chocolate Buffet @ Thirty8

My Valrhona {sung to the tune of My Sharona – the Knack} My Sharona (Instrumental) Oh my little pretty one, pretty one When you gonna give me some time Valrhona When you make my afternoon tea right, my afternoon tea right All prettily laid out on the buffet line, Valrhona! Carabie Truffle Cake Never gonna […]

Time to get your Cronuts at Delectable by Su


Have you guys heard about this thing called the Cronut, a hybrid snack that’s taking the world by storm? Well in New York, the Cronut has seen throngs of people queuing up for the treat and it has also launched a thousand news stories and food blog entries. The brainchild of Dominique Ansel, his bakery […]

Cendol Bakar Kuala Selangor @ Dengkil

For those who know us well, know that we are great fans of Cendol.. but what on earth is a Cendol Bakar? After all, the weather in KL is so hot, so what’s there not to like about white, fluffy ice that looks like snow, shaved into a bowl, until it resembles a mountain of […]

Our Top 3 Places for Cendol

Everybody has their favorite place for Cendol.. especially when the weather gets hot! Malaysians love their desserts, and when the weather gets hot, they naturally look for the nearest cendol stall. Cendol resembles a green worm-like jelly, and its basic ingredients are coconut milk, a worm-like jelly made from rice flour with green food coloring […]

After Ate @ The Intermark, KL

The specialty at After Ate, a popular, ingeniously realized niche restaurant is dessert and dessert only. At After Ate, most of the action takes place in the kitchen, where the pastry chef and assistants, whip up their creations – decadent chocolate mousse and cake tempered with sweet strawberries, melting yumminess of fromage – cheesecake topped […]

Velvety Layers & IOI Mall, Puchong


One of the latest places for a quick, affordable bite at lunchtime or dinner time, that also offers the lovely dessert known as the Mille crepe, is at Velvety Layers, IOI Mall, Puchong. a million layers of yum! If you find yourself strolling about the mall and not sure what to eat, check out this […]

The Celcom Cupcake Challenge

I bet you never though you might see the day, that Ciki bakes. BUT… I did. Not only that, my team, amateur as we are.. WON! We actually won a prize for baking the best looking Malaysian Flag cupcake, at a cupcake baking event, organized by Celcom, and held at The Cooking House, in Desa […]

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