Eaindra @ Jalan Silang, Little Burma KL

On a nondescript block of buildings selling mainly spices, foreign goods, handphones and electronic accessories, the narrow stairwell up to Eaindra restaurant is easy to overlook. However, ask any of the Myanmarese who loiter on Jalan Silang, Little Burma, and they will point you in the right direction. And for those who make it through […]

Gaga over Mohinga!

Mohinga to a Myanmarese is like what a hamburger is to Americans or pasta to Italians. Its a fast food dish found on the street aisles to teahouses around the country. the ever so tasty mohinga Mohinga is rice vermicelli in thick fish gravy with slivers of fish meat, sliced banana blossom, crushed crispy fritters, […]

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