The Andy Warhol Edition @ Vallette Gallery

Andy Warhol, the American artist who made pop art famous. I knew little about him, apart from the fact that he was a gifted, eccentric artist .. but then again, aren’t most artists. And vodka and art go hand in hand, does it not? Apparently these folk think so, and that’s why we ended up […]

Cocktails at SIX , Telawi Bangsar

Living in a period where mixologists are a dime a dozen, creating drinks that thrill even the cocktail illuminati can be a gargantuan task. However, Imran does precisely that and more, at SIX on Telawi, a cozy bar on the 1st floor that currently attracts both locals and booze geeks alike. Less sweet yet extravagant […]

The Ronnefeldt Cocktail afternoon @ The Smoke House KL

It was a tale of Tea. And Cocktails. Tea Tails, if you like. The Ronnefeldt Cocktail Afternoon was held on Saturday, 11th October 2014 at The Smoke House, Majestic Hotel KL. Tea-infused cocktails and canapés delighted guests, who were totally intrigued by the unique concoctions prepared by the hotel’s resident bartender, Johnnie the Barman.

Top Cocktail Bars to unwind at on Humid Weekends!

When the weather gets too hot, it’s always nice to unwind after work, with a nice cool cocktail or mocktail. Here are our favourite bars in KL for swanky cocktails. 1. Signature @ The Roof , Bandar Utama Located on the 30th floor of Bandar Utama’s First Avenue, The Roof houses five outlets in one […]

Coffee Culture with Illy coffee at Latitude03

Just last week, were were at Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur celebrating International Coffee Day by learning how to make the perfect cup of coffee. Not only that, by the end of the event, we would have learned coffee art as well.  Since I am a right klutz at anything to do with drawing, I was pretty […]

Drambuie Cocktails @ HIT and Mrs , Bangsar

I remember way back when I was young, one evening after dinner, my mum was sipping on a drink and I asked her what it was. She said Drambuie. I tried just a little and thought it rather sweet. In fact, I always associated Drambuie with my mom, and being somewhat of a lady’s drink, […]

Belvedere Vodka Takes Flight With Jimmy Choo!

Belvedere Vodka Takes Flight With Jimmy Choo! What does Belvedere Vodka and Jimmy Choo’s latest fragrance Flash, have in common? Well they both encompass all things glamorous, fashionable and all that’s en vouge at the moment. And that’s why the two were paired off in a rather fun cocktail-fragrance crawl, that would take us to […]

Brew Culture @ Plaza Damas 3

You ain’t had good coffee, if you ain’t been to Brew Culture.. So what makes a great cup of espresso? Up till this point, I didn’t even know that there’s a big difference between ‘brewing coffee’ and ‘extracting espresso’. Then I met the good folks at Brew Culture. Brewed coffee is steeping ground beans in […]

Cocktail Hour @ One Six Five, InterContinental KL

New bar manager and mixologist Conor Hadlington has elevated the cocktail program at One Six Five to new heights. He has included in his repertoire of cocktails, a bit from the old world as well as the new. Conor Hadlington and his team of talented bartenders can be found behind the bar at One Six […]

The Caorunn Scotland Gin Cocktail evening at Qbar

The Caorunn Scotland Gin Cocktail evening at Qbar..   It’s pronounced “ka-roon“. And it was the first time I had ever laid eyes on its almost clinical looking glass bottle. Ah, Gin… let me see. Not my favourite spirit, but I was willing to give it a go. Caorunn Gin is uniquely served with a […]

Prost! It’s GAB Oktoberfest Launch @The Social, Publika

It happens to be October month, and it’s obviously the time for lots of beer drinking and snacking, for those familiar with Oktoberfest (who isn’t though, right?). This beer festival of large mugged beer, food, music, toasting, singing, dancing, games and buxom barmaids which originated from Munich, Germany, has now become a staple celebration across […]

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