Rougeur Champagne Brunch @ Menara Tokio Marine Life

Never in my life, had I set foot into Menara Tokio Marine Life before, let alone, heard about Rougeur. Well I had to quickly google it because I had a Champagne brunch to attend, and I hadn’t the foggiest clue where this place was. Champagne brunches are all the rage these days. And I am […]

M.A.D. @ PV128, Setapak

M.A.D. Not a name you might easily forget. And these 3 buddies have it spot on, in terms of design. For the restaurant, the inspiration is bohemian and minimalistic New York, the plating is modern and the food is Asian inspired. But looks aside, would the food pass the test..? MAD is located in PV 128, in […]

The Apartment Downtown @ KLCC

Downtown Manhattan has a vibe that’s difficult to articulate, let alone imitate. Renovated waterfronts, dynamic panorama are adjectives that come to mind. At night, diners could sit back and relax over a glass of bubbly with a scenic lake view And while the newly refurbished “The Apartment Downtown”, located in KLCC, is hardly the same […]

Asian Inspired Cuisine @ Midi 57

After that fantastic dinner at Le Midi Bangsar, it was time to pay Midi 57 a visit, on Jalan Bangkung. This being the sister restaurant and all that, and us being huge fans of the ever so accomplished Chef Andrea Alimenti, we were rather looking forward to sampling their latest Asian inspired menu. Midi 57 is […]

Inventive Asian at Tim Raue, Berlin

“I don’t use potatoes, or serve bread, or any of that heavy stuff”, says Tim Raue, when he has had the time to stop by our table to say hello. Berlin that is well known for its risqué antics, anti-establishment views and inventive dining scene was just the place to eat well, and to eat […]

Tujo @ The Ascott KL

Everyone’s a food critic these days, but when you ask for some suggestion on where to go, no one seems knows where to eat. Many restaurants are like a flash in the pan.. they open, they close. Some are the flavor of the month, and then vanish without so much as a whisper, like a […]

An Evening Under the Stars with Chef Darrell O’Neill, @ The InterContinental Kuala Lumpur

In the past five years or so, KL is starting to emerge as one of South East Asia’s exciting culinary meccas with a respectable showing of restaurants with some rather accomplished Chefs, helming the kitchens. Although the city has long offered good inexpensive street food, and a modest selection of trendier restaurants, upscale menus have […] at Publika

There are some trips that just stick in your head, more vividly than others. “We do not serve vegetarian-friendly items here..” says the menu at Momofuku Ssäm Bar, New York. Ah.. Momofuku. You should hope to bet your bottom dollar, that any dish that bears that “huge” name behind it, would at least have the […]

Cristang @ 8 Avenue, PJ

The hors d’oeuvres known as devils on horseback (bacon-wrapped dates) and pigs in blanket (cocktail franks in puff pastry) never fail to make me chuckle. I mean, aren’t those names just so cute? Well to tell you the truth, the devils on horseback is the reason I keep coming back to Cristang. Their version is […]

WIP @ Bangsar Shopping Center

This place is massive! Where do we start… After taking one look at the crowded inside of WIP, we decided to take a table outside. 9pm on a Sunday and this place is thriving. Maybe it’s because it’s fairly new.. maybe because the owners of WIP are also the owners of Soul-out.. and thus have […]

Roppongi Restaurant and Sushi Bar @ La jolla

I heard so much about Roppongi at La jolla! I just had to eat there. Imagine my delight when I found out that it was happy hour at Roppongi!Roppongi is an Asian fusion restaurant in the heart of La Jolla Village. They offer food specials only with 50% off of their appetizers (tapas) menu and […]

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