Psstt… Domino’s has a Secret

photo credit : bloomberg

Was just talking to my 6 year old niece, last week. When I mentioned Domino’s she immediately though of this… However, What I meant was .. this here below..

The Bee, @ Publika

One of our favourite hangout places for a nice cuppa, is at The Bee, at Publika. The Bee is a cool, laidback food and drink joint that serves American diner style grub and they do some rather nice coffee and ice-cream desserts here, as well. We love it because the place is spacious and the […]

Plan B @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas

Plan B at Publika was not our first choice. Ten was closed for the Long Chinese New Year weekend and so that’s how we ended up at Plan B, the newest outlet at Publika, under the BIG group of restaurants. Plan B at Publika looks like a modern Aussie-meets-New York-deli, and its menu boasts of […]

Jake’s Charbroil Steaks


The definitive old-school Jake’s steakhouse, complete with tacky cowgirl waitresses out front, the now-shopworn Jakes has seen better days. But it still serves up some very decent steaks in town, and the experience is inimitable. Who would have thought that, with the resurgence of this neighborhood as an eating hub for diners, Jake’s has been […]

10 all-American Star Dishes!

America is the home of hearty portions. Vast tracts of fertile farming land and staying on the leading edge of agricultural technologies have kept food prices low in the USA for most of its history. This has worked its way into the American cuisine ethos of generous helpings and strong flavours. flickr photo by scion02b […]

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