Top 5 Favourite Food Experiences from a World Tour

Today’s Blogger in the Spotlight are our buddies from Grantourismo, the dynamic blogging duo, Lara Dunston and Terrence Carter and they write on 5 of their favourite Food Experiences from their recent world tour. When we took on the task of dipping into the local culture of each destination we visited for our twelve-month HomeAwayUK […]

The 5 Most Challenging Destinations I’ve Ever Visited

Today’s Blogger in the Spotlight is Jason, the cool dude we all know as @digidrift and he is one of the more experienced travellers I know. This guy has covered over 90 countries during his travels and we feel so privileged to have him write about the most challenging destinations he has ever visited. Be […]

Top 5 Places to Eat, in Brisbane

This weeks Blogger in the Spotlight is my mate Joe, whom some of you will remember as the guy who recently relocated to Melbourne, Australia, for a very short time, before he had to relocate to Brisbane yet again because he got a better job offer. He wrote a brilliant post for us the last […]

My 10 Commandments on Hiking in Europe

Michael is our distinguished friend from Paris, who is an avid hiker. Together, Michael and Marlys make up the lovely couple whom we all know as @ParisBuff. Michael is an accomplished writer – many of you will know him from his ever so popular guide book, Paris Movie Walks and here he is as today’s […]

How Spanish has made me a better person

This weeks guest-writer is no stranger to us. Her uber-cool blog called “Bacon is Magic” makes us laugh, cry, salivate and thump the table in agreement with her lively travel anecdotes. Here is Ayngelina with her post on “How Spanish has made Me a Better Person”.   Last April I arrived in Mexico to spend […]

What makes a good writer

This week’s guest writer and Blogger in the spotlight (BITS) is a lovely lady who is as wise as she is kind. She is the managing editor of The Malaysian Insider but we just know her as Joan, the crazy, fun-loving foodie who has a vivacious laugh and always sees the funny side of things […]

5 more Brilliant Colors of Travel

Today’s Blogger in the Spotlight (BITS) is again, the lovely Kathryn Frengs of Travelfusion. A native Los Angeleno from the “left coast” of America, Kathryn has been loving life as an expat in Paris and now currently in London. In the past, Kathryn did a post for us on the Vibrant colors of Travel. Here […]

What it takes to be good photojournalist

This week’s B.I.T.S, Blogger in the Spotlight is none other than our friend from Singapore, Tan Geng Hui. He is an avid photographer with a wide area of photography interests and he mainly shares his journalism writing on his blog. We thought it would be cool to hear about what his passions are , and […]

5 terrific Indonesian desserts for the sweet-toothed!

Oh.. it’s that time of the week again and I feel like a bit, of BITS! Our Blogger in the Spotlight today is none other than the lovely Gaby, from Indonesia. Gaby is a cool lass who was born in Java but now lives on the gorgeous island of Bali. If you are planning a […]

3 Top Malaysian Desserts to Make & Eat!

Today’s Blogger in the Spotlight (BITS) is one of our favourite persons in the world because she feeds us really often. You see, we happen to be her guinea pigs and every time she experiments with a luscious cake be it a fruit cake or butter cake or even a Malaysian dessert, she sends some […]

Where is your Passport, Sir.

This week’s Blogger in the Spotlight (BITS) is a fun-loving foodie who loves to kick my a** at combat class. He writes sometimes quirky, sometimes deep and almost always rather brilliant stuff on his blog.. I often tell him, he is a rare gem of a blogger, just waiting to be discovered and he totally […]

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