Hup Hup over to lunch… @ Hup Soon SS3

Every weekend, we like to we navigate the city’s coffee shops, to find the best things to eat on a budget, and hack menus that don’t seem so cheap on the surface but harbor unexpected culinary delights. I guess that’s what you could say, CCFoodTravel is good at. Ah.. here we are at Hap Soon […]

Vinni Jeyaa Banana Leaf Rice @ Pasar Seni

Every time we are in the Pasar Seni area, and we’ve finished with lunch, we always walk past this Indian Banana leaf rice (BLR) shop, Vinni Jeya, that makes us stop dead in our tracks to oogle its food advertisements. This one item always jumps out at us – a neon green thosai.

Nero Teca’s Intoxicating Sunday Brunch!

Serious question. Do Italians even eat breakfast? The ones I know, grab a cereal, the obligatory espresso and that’s it. Nope, none I’ve ever met ate a hearty breakfast. Or even brunch for that matter. Let alone a bubbly brunch. Ahh… but one can always pretend, no?

Sek Mei Hong Chili Yong Tau Foo, Jinjang

So, we went towards Jinjang one fine weekend, in search if this Chili Yong Tau Foo dive, we’d heard about. Not just any old chili. We are talking a chili strength that’s one heck of a lot closer to pepper spray pain level. Where the truly wild, world of extreme chilies reign supreme.

Rubbing Shoulders with Hi-So at Sofitel SO Singapore

What do the likes of Christian Lacroix and Karl Lagerfeld have in common? Two of the most influential and colourful couturiers in the world. True. Flamboyant and risqué. True. But if you also guessed that they both have set their trademark style and seal upon a luxury hotel chain world-wide, you would be right on […]

All that glitters, is Ravenna

So two weeks into my trip in Bologna, and I was seeing and experiencing so much. And one of the names that I kept hearing about, and that folks told me I just had to visit, was Ravenna. This town is synonymous with beautiful Mosaic tiles, art that was fashioned into the walls of the […]

Mooncake Madness @ Chynna KL Hilton

Here we go again. It’s mooncake madness, and it’s this time each year, that fans don’t mind ingesting 1,000 calories per piece just because it is the Mid-Autumn Festival. Come the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar, hotels, restaurants and bakeries set up their special mooncake counters just to service the […]

5 Great Holiday Activities @ Movenpick Karon Phuket

Getting bored on holiday is never a good idea and so it helps if you have holiday activities to fill your hours with, both inside as well as outside of the hotel. And that is why we go back to Movenpick Karon Phuket, time and again, when we visit the island. It is located in […]

Getting Hot and Sweaty over Hokkien Mee @ Pom Pom Restaurant

Ah.. what can I say about old school hokkien mee. Apart from the fact that it’s really difficult to find a good one these days. You see. It’s not about how black it is. Or how greasy. Or how many prawns it has in it. By a skilled hand and over a blazing wok heat, […]

Top 3 best drinks for pairing with Mooncakes!

OK, since now we are undoubtedly into mooncake festival month, full swing, this seems like the right post for the right moment. Did you know that the 3 best drinks to pair with mooncakes, are…

Dinner in the Sky comes to KL!

Dinner in the Sky… Something folks have been talking about for weeks.

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