Pasta Zanmai @ Midvalley Megamall, KL

NO.. no..this is not some posh, air-conditioned mamak… eventhough that’s really a ‘Telur setengah masak” you see.. It is in fact.. Pasta Zanmai! Japanese Western Fusion. This is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Midvalley, I tell ya. Crab avocado salad, Soup Salad.. Liquid Tea Salad… Glossy salad.. And MORE salad. The beauty of […]

Movie – The Informers (2009)

If you once thought to yourself.. I wanna be a rockstar when I grow up.. This show will make you think twice. Image from here. “The Informers” follows the sordid life of a couple of young, rich, bored, talented(?) Los Angeles kids. There are the spoiled rich kids who spend their nights doing drugs (and […]

Fook Cheow Cafe @ Lorong Amoy, Penang

This is my all time, favourite Kwey Teow Theng (flat white noodle soup) shop in all of Penang! Well, i am no expert and I am sure TNG or Vkeong know better, but to me.. the soup, the innards.. the liver & porky bits.. the springy noodles.. ahhhh! Perfect breakfast for Ciki! Look! Peppery hot […]

Dieting – Delicious Twiggy

Today, someone called me, Agent Skinny Cikay ho-hum.. . . . Well, well.., as much as I love Twiggy, the objective is to look like the photo on the right.. not the left! Agree? Read about the lilfatmonkey’s diet plan here! *Photos taken from here and here

NEO @ Jalan Sultan Ismail, KL

Alilfatmonkey.. bored, hungry and waiting for Ciki, Cumi & Paranoid Android (PA) to arrive. Dum-dee-dum.. tap, tap, tap.. . . . Munkey : the waiter has already explained the menu to me .. extensively.. what else is there to do.. drink my still water.. drum, drum, drum.. yawn, drum.. . . . Munkey: If those […]

Movie – The Boat that Rocked (2009)

Ah.. the 1960’s! Back in the day when the A-list of British rock bands reigned supreme.. BBC was only playing classical music and jazz instead of .. ROCK and ROLL. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Yardbirds, The Hollies.. all took a backseat. What a pathetic situation.. and with no commercial radio stations […]

Senjyu Sushi @ Cineleisure, PJ

Senjyu Sushi is a premium kaiten sushi restaurant. What sets them apart from other kaiten sushi restaurant, so I am told, is their sushi and sashimi that is specially air-flown to the restaurant, ensuring top quality food. Their trademark dishes are contemporary and lend a more fusion feel to the conventional japanese food such as, […]

Movie – Johnny Mad Dog

We recently watched a rather disturbing movie, that warrants a mention. Kidnapping takes its vilest form as armed children in Liberia commandeer other kids to join their marauding troop. Fiction based on unbelievable fact, “Johnny Mad Dog” chronicles the atrocities of the ongoing civil war in that West African nation. The film directed by Jean-Stéphane […]

Count your Calories – Food for Thought

A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that a dollar could buy 1,200 calories of potato chips or 875 calories of soda but just 250 calories of vegetables or 170 calories of fresh fruit. – Time Magazine. Read more about the report cited above here. Rising rates of obesity in the United […]

Restoran Hua Xing @ Sungai Way, PJ

This restaurant that has been around for the longest time, is still a hot favourite with my family and the in-laws. Their Hokkien cuisine is famous and has never been short of endorsements from celebrities, both young and old alike. Judging from the glossy, ads that adorn their walls, you can tell that Hua Xing […]

Jiann Chyi Seafood Restaurant @ Sekinchan

Sekinchan.. scenic paddy fields and delicious seafood – just a stone’s throw from KL. Read about our past seafood experience at Guan Seng Loong here. This time Jiann Chyi was on our list of must eats! Talk about right choice of restaurant. The food was fantastic – even better than Guan Seng Loong. The house […]

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