Langkawi Island

The things I like best about Langkawi Island are.. That big, handsome eagle that watches over the Island at Dataran Lang/ Langkawi Eagle Square.. The Cheap, cheap local food on every street corner… The cute booze displays in Kuah Town, alcohol haven… Did I say, the cheap, cheap booze in Kuah Town, alcohol haven;) …. […]

Tatto @ Jalan Tun Razak, KL

The 5 senses: touch, see, smell, hear and taste. I can smell Perfume, flowers, Baking bread; I can hear Music, laughter, Words you said; I can feel Silk and velvet, A scallop divine; I can see the sheerness, on carpaccio dine. Am I sleeping or am I awake, The freshest of seafoods is almost too […]

Moxie @ Damansara Heights, KL

We love the food at Moxie! From the Charming manager Johan, to the wonderfully scrumptious creations of the Chef, we always have a great time at Moxie. If you like your starters healthy, with not much oil, and not too big a portion, the Parcel of Seafood Melange is for you. This is the mix […]

Simple as Pi

Reading Hairyberry’s latest blog on his pi(e) baking escapades, just jogged my memory of an amusing collage i saw, once upon a time on mental floss dot com – ” Where knowledge junkies get their fix” . Well Hairy gets his inspiration from Fatboybakes, and I get my inspiration from Hairy, so I guess you […]

Nero Fico @ Jalan Dungun, KL

There was a massive jam leading all the way into Hartamas, so we decided to do a slight detour and ended up in Damansara Heights instead. Nero Fico on Jalan Dungun.. we wanted to check this restaurant out, since we had not been here from the time it opened. (We recently tried Al Padrino across […]

Chef Choi @ Jalan Ampang, KL

Cumi & Ciki were recently invited along with Masak-masak, A Whiff of Lemongrass and Fatboybakes, to a food tasting at Chef Choi.  For those who are wondering where Chef Choi is (like moi.. drove past a zillion time but never noticed) , it is located en route Bukit Bintang, just as you past MCA and […]

Delucca @ One Residency, KL

I left my heart at Delucca..! (And my chocolate martini.. sigh..) The new Chef, the new smile.. most importantly… the menu now tastes great! He has only been here 4 days, but I am glad that Chef Nicola Carradori who hails from Tuscany, is now heading the kitchen. Prior to this, he was based in […]

Pacifica @ Mandarin Oriental, KL

This must be underwater love The way I feel it slipping all over me This must be underwater love The way I feel it O que que é esse amor, dágua Deve sentir muito parecido a esse amor This is it Underwater love It is so deep So beautifully liquid Esse amor com paixão, ai […]

Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant @ PJ Hilton

ZestPJ dot com and theQguides dot com just recently organized a bloggers food review at Pj Hilton. Incase your wondering, ZestPJ is the hotel’s blog for its restaurants and bars, and theQguides is a beverage and food website portal. The How it Works. 1. Book online with this NEW! COOL! LATEST! QuickBook system. It’s […]

Chez Rose @ Damansara Heights, KL

I have driven past Klimt so many times, that I nearly did a double take when I saw ‘Chez Rose’, in its place. I dare say that most are familiar with Klimt’s and its Austrian cuizine, and so it follows, that dining at Chez Rose would be a similar experience in terms of cuisine, but […]

Total Solar Eclipse Wednesday

Longest total solar eclipse of the 21st Century… happening NOW!    *photo from here  This will be the longest total solar eclipse until 2132! (6min 39sec at max point). Kids, out there, this means that The Moon is caught between the sun and the Earth while each of them moves along their fixed orbits. Astronomers […]

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