To all who participated – thank you! Your contest answers via email as well as the comment box were really spot on ! Unfortunately.. there can be only one winner.. and that is Keropokman! (your unpublished answers also very funny la.. maybe one day you can tell the Ahpa!) So, keropokman (who lives in Singapore) […]


10 things u need to stop tweeting..

CLICK ME! By George.. this is hilarious! Thank you, thank you @oatmeal, via @treyratcliff (of stuck in customs) who passed on the golden rules of tweeting.. don’t be an a**.. be interesting! Enjoy peeps!

Restoran Zhen Liew Shiang @ Sentul, KL

In the event of a holiday, such as Deepavali, and one needs to travel far and wide to search for food… One should always, check that one is completely equipped with the following. Seat-belts & designer t-shirts, Frame 1 .. CHECK. Seat-belts & designer t-shirts, Frame 2 – CHECK. Stylo-mylo cameras – CHECK. beer – […]

Spot the Difference!

Spot the differences between Photo A & B .. Spot the most number of differences between the two photos correctly and name them, and win an attractive mystery prize.. and I don’t mean Ciki (!) Deadline 22nd Oct 2009 midnight. You may email your answers to us at cumidanciki at gmail dot com if you […]

Iggy’s @ The Regent Hotel, Singapore

When I heard that one of my clients was taking ME to dinner at Iggy’s (Ranked No.45 on the S Pellegrino World’s 50 best restaurants List 2009) I made sure my camera had batteries in it.. and that my hair looked great. Hmmm.. which Louboutin shall I wear 😛 (photo from here) Don’t get me […]

Movie – Zombieland 2009

photo from here I love Woody Harrelson in most movies… he’s one of my all time fav ‘funny-men’ and have you seen him in that movie, dressed up as a tranny? Unbelievable. Anyway, what’s better than Woody Harrelson? Both Woody Harrelson AND Bill Murray in the same movie! Two of the funniest guys alive. Zombieland.. […]

Dubrovnik @ Solaris, Mt. Kiara

(photo from here) Not unlike FBB, I have never been to Norway.., however, unlike FBB, I have not been to Croatia either! Nope, never been to Dubrovnik. Whatever the case may be, just one bite of their Lamb Peka.. and I was sold. We had the pleasure of meeting Dina, owner of Dubrovnik (and Chef’s […]

Shun Japanese Restaurant @ Subang Jaya, PJ

Shun Subang Jaya prides itself on its sets, and special lunch offers. We read about this place on Masak-masak’s site, a while back .. but did not get a chance to swing by till now. Where else can you get a Wagyu set lunch for RM43.00? It really blows the mind when you see the […]

Taipei, Taiwan

Touchdown Taipei! After a 5 hour flight to Taipei and a slow, 1 & half hour journey into the city by coach, we see that oh so famous structure , sticking out of the landscape like a phallic monolith.. Taiwan is an island located off the coast of southeastern China, southwest of Okinawa and north […]

Taipei.. bloodied and bruised!

AKAN DATANG! (COMING SOON.. ) See how this monkey suffered in Taipei from eating.. THIS.. Pride comes before a fall. Bloodied and bruised. Ate blood. Ego bruised. I vant to suck your BLURD!

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