Nasi Lemak Ong @ Jalan Putra, Alor Star


I was recently up north for work , around the time Cumi was invited for that smashing Balvenie whisky tasting session at Carcosa. I was gutted, to say the least. No scotch in sight, rather scorched under the hot noon day Alor Star sun.. no justice… no justice I tell ya. Anyway, I may not have been […]

Two Monkeys @ Jaya 1, PJ

Two Monkeys at Jaya 1. And I don’t mean Cumi&Ciki either. If the beer at Brussels is over priced and watered down, The Guinness at Two monkeys is way better. We didn’t have much time.. (rush rush rush), so we only tried the Chillied Chicken on skewers. Hunky, succulent breast meat chicken, with spice. Not […]

Ravi’s @ 3 Two Square, PJ

Ravi’s at 3 TWO Square! The best thing about this place is the Ikan Bulus… flaky and tastes as fresh as if you caught it yourself from the sea. Also the the Yogurt.. Add it to your rice or just drink it straight out of little sterile plastic containers, it’s entirely up to you. Eat […]

Altseer Arabic Food Supply @ Taman Putra Sulaiman, Ampang

Ampang is an area well known for its large number of Korean expatriates. Koreans in Malaysia have opened restaurants, churches, and grocery stores there, specifically in the area around Ampang Point. We recently went to little Korea, in search of Galbi. Although called BBQ, Korean BBQ is actually grilled. Bulgogi is thinly sliced beef (or […]

Delectable by Su @ The Gardens, KL

Definition of delectable – extremely pleasing to the sense of taste. Also, scrumptious, yummy, toothsome, delicious, luscious. (did somebody say luscious?!) tasty – pleasing to the sense of taste; “a tasty morsel”. Here’s looking at you kid. “See you when I see you….” “Erm… not if I see you first..” ! Cupcakes with an attitude. […]

Brussels Beer Cafe @ Jaya 1, PJ

My friends the food bloggers are a fun-loving bunch. They can eat any menu clean, they can drink any pub dry. Sometimes we meet new friends along the way, and the party gets even more amazing. I like the way Jumbo sized beers get ‘put in their place’ as the night wears on. Eat drink […]

The Daily Grind @ Bangsar Village, KL

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Add: LG 8 Lower Ground, Bangsar Village 1 Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru 591000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Tel: 03 2287 6708 JOIN the MOMIJI fanclub here!

Betong Part 2: South Thailand and the Redlight Schwing…

Speaking of red light schwing… What hairdo shall I employ before my “big night out”? Hmmm let me see.. If I intend to drink a lake’s worth of booze, I should try the ‘pond lane stagger’ , If I end up plastered, face down in the ground, I should try the ‘ferment mud’, and finally, […]

Betong Part 1: Warfare, Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll?

A small town with a rich past, decent food, lots of swallows (swallows of the feathered-bird kind that is.. ahem! ) and for want of a better word, a redlight schwing! With swallows perched on cables above us ( it’s amazing how none of the droppings hit people.. maybe it’s just pigeons, magpies and crows […]

Road Trip: How to Cross the Malaysian-Thai South Border

This is a story about our Road Trip to the South of Thailand: The Lenggong – Pengkalan Hulu – Betong Connection! Also covered are our tips on crossing the Malaysian-Thai South Border and clearing customs quickly. Instead of spending a horrendous amount of money, as a result of last minute year-end holiday planning, we decided […]

Robson Heights Seafood Restaurant @ Jalan Permai, KL

. . . Oh, single solitary rib.. oh abandoned lonely la-la… oh destitute delectable crab…. oh needy, crispy chicken… Come, COME! I have found a place for you … We photograph more than we talk, we talk more than we eat, we laugh more than we talk… but ultimately… we leave no bone unturned! NOM […]