Getting to know Jozi #MeetSouthAfrica

Immediately after spending 2 weeks in Berlin, it was time to fly to Johannesburg for the #MeetSouthAfrica campaign.


They say, “It’s Jozi, that Joburg is affectionately known as.. ”  

I say, “Very nice to meet you, Jozi!” 

And there’s no better nor faster way, to get a feel for the local scene, than by taking part in an Instawalk with the local Instagrammers of a city. After breakfast at the Parktonian hotel, we headed out for Soweto. On the way, we passed the First National Bank Stadium or simply FNB Stadium made famous during the World Cup Final in 2010. This stadium is located in Nasrec, bordering the Soweto area of Johannesburg, South Africa. It was the site of Nelson Mandela’s first speech in Johannesburg after his release from prison in 1990, and served as the venue for a memorial service to him on 10 December 2013.


FNB Stadium

Meeting the local Instagrammers was really a cool idea. In total, there were about 70 of us. We got to exchange contacts and share notes and tips on how to really get the most out of street photography. The crowd was a friendly bunch and I really had so much fun on the Instawalk. Our starting point was the Hector Pietersen Memorial just up the road from Vilakazi Street. There was tons to see and photograph, and the folks in the area were rather accommodating and happy to have their picture taken. It was just your average, lazy Saturday morning, with people going about their daily routine. Here are some highlights from the Instawalk around Orlando West, Soweto.


Uphill battle


Master Contortionist… give us a dime for our efforts


I feel a sneeze coming on…. not yet not yet! 


Madiba – the name of the clan of which Mandela is a member. A clan name is much more important than a surname as it refers to the ancestor from which a person is descended. Madiba was the name of a Thembu chief who ruled in the Transkei in the 18th century. It is considered very polite to use someone’s clan name.

Tata – in Xhosa, the language of the Madiba tribe, the word means “father”, but it is a term of endearment given to him by many South Africans regardless of their age.

Dalibhunga – the name he was given aged 16, after undergoing Xhosa initiation. It means “creator or founder of the council”. The correct use of this name when greeting Mandela was “Aaah! Dalibhunga”.

How will you remember Nelson Mandela?


Sporting the best hairdo on the block is hard work


An abandoned gas station, where cars come to die


Kiss me like you mean it! 


Enchanting graffiti … Of Elephants, and fairies 


 snakes and ladders meets twisters! 


spread love, not hate


Now I can say, I’ve been to Soweto


 Kids of Soweto and pretty murals


sharpest dresser on the block!


After the eye-opening Instawalk, we pass one of the most cool sites for Bungee Jumping, at Chaf Pozi. Orlando Towers is a unique vertical drop for adrenalin junkies, offering the world’s first bungee jump between two cooling towers! 


Another fantastic intro to #MeetSouthAfrica was a visit to Liliesleaf Farm in the suburb of Rivonia, Johannesburg. This place was the farm used secretly by African National Congress activists in the 1960s and was the location where many prominent African National Congress leaders were arrested, leading to the Rivonia Trial.

Liliesleaf hut

I think if you’re every visiting Joburg, you need to drop by to Liliesleaf as it gives you a good foundation on the background information to South Africa’s journey to democracy and freedom from Apartheid. In the early 1960s, when Liliesleaf was the headquarters for covert, underground activities and a safe house for many leading figures of the liberation movement, debates on political and military policy and strategy were commonplace. People from diverse backgrounds but with a common vision met here to discuss South Africa’s emancipation from an oppressive apartheid regime.

Liliesleaf Farm

The buildings have been restored to their earlier condition, and visual and audio-visual displays recreate the dramatic events leading up to the police raid, and the raid itself.


On 11 July 1963, security police raided the farm and captured 19 members of the underground, charging them with sabotage. They were meeting in the thatched room, and were stunned by the raid. The police found documents during the raid incriminating Mandela. As a result he was charged and brought to trial with the others. The trial, which ran from October 1963 to June 1964, culminated in the imposition of life sentences for eight of the accused.


This monument seen on the grounds of Liliesleaf was built in memory of those who took up the arm struggle to liberate the country from Apartheid


That night, dinner was hosted by Gauteng Tourism at Apprentice Penthouse in the Johannesburg CBD.


The reason why it’s named as such is because the Apprentice (local version) was shot in this particular penthouse. I just loved the incredibly awesome view overlooking Joburg CBD below.


The jazz tunes and open air balcony was the best place to have a couple of drinks and take in the spectacular view.

Well, what can I tell you.

If this was Jozi wooing me, then I was most definitely falling fast for her, no doubt about that!


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  1. Thanks for the peak into South Africa. We’ve always wanted to visit.

  2. This really looks like such a beautiful and insightful trip you had, and I’ve enjoyed the stories and the photos! Makes me feel like I am partly there, and then I just feel like doing research on South Africa to plan a trip there! LOL, you’d make a great ambassador for their tourism! *winks*

  3. Freakin awesome place! I definitely am going to plan a trip here with the family!

  4. Used to think South Africa was dangerous! but your post – people looks so nice! definitely worth a visit. need to reshuffle my travel plans!

    • Happy to hear! Totally safe, but of course as with any place on the face of this earth, you need to take precautions when traveling. That’s it. A little common sense goes a long way!

  5. Tania Jackson says:

    Did you go to Cape Town? what about the food?

    • Unfortunately no:( Not this trip as there was no time. But I did do the Garden Route which was awesome. Food posts are coming up, after this! :)

  6. Having made like half a dozen trips to Joburg (for work) and Cape Town (for holiday) over the last few years, Cape Town is SO much more fun / enjoyable (in a touristy way) than Joburg.

    • Well I have yet to visit Cape Town, but it’s on my list! In a way I am glad I covered Joburg because it was fascinating.. and good to cover it before I visit Cape Town too!

  7. Libby Frost says:

    Hubby just said he wanted to visit SA this summer. I think Joburg should be one of the stops. I have told him manytimes we need to go here. We have some relatives too , so timing would be perfect. thx for the timely reiminder!

  8. Not dangerous? looks cool. I want to take some good street photography. This looks like the place. Now to save up… hmmmmmm

    • Awesome place for streetphotography. Just make sure you ask for permission before you snap someone close in the face. They normally comply so it’s all good

  9. chinchin says:

    You haven’t shown any food yet. Waiting for the food posts laa

  10. scott b says:

    Bungee jumping is fun wheeeeee! When will we see you do it Agentcikay?! LOL

  11. Jozi/Joburg is so colourful! 😀

  12. great photos of a country i’ve never visited, and i’m not sure i’ll ever have the opportunity to, but i like the look of the history and heritage that’s encapsulated in your entry 😀

  13. Interesting photos from South Africa. I hope to walk in the footsteps of many Instagrammers.

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