Nuts over Australia !

One of the great continents to visit, you have to agree with me, is Australia.

For us Malaysians it is so close that some even consider it their second home. We have travelled to South West Australia, Queensland and New South Wales, and every time the adventure is different. It takes only a week or two for my hubby and I to decide, hop on Emirates (our preferred airlines) and in about 6 hours, we are in Australia!

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This time, our journey would bring us to the sunny shores of the Gold Coast. This is the best place to go for an early morning run, and being the health freaks that we are, we ran every single morning on the beach.

As we ran we noticed high-rise apartment blocks, airport-sized shopping malls and theme parks scattered along the way. While there’s no denying that this 35km strip of golden sand is extremely touristy and a rather aggressively developed patch in Australia, it’s also one of the most popular holiday destinations and receives more than two million visitors every year. There were heaps of people around as we were there during the peak season, but the energy was intoxicating -we loved it!

Though there’s incredible pristine sand and surf, there’s really more to the Gold Coast than just the beach. There are many laid-back neighbourhoods favoured by families, and you can spot folks just having a great evening cooking up a storm at a BBQ party. Beyond the high-rises are two of Queensland’s best national parks: Lamington and Springbrook. And then there’s Surfers Paradise & Broadbeach where all the surfing dudes and dudettes hang out.. some call it tacky, but I like it. Best place to work on my tan!


  1. count me in for a trip down under! it’s an amazing country indeed, ya :D

  2. Planning for an Australia trip this year, any recommendation which part should I go, family with a 3 years old kid :)

  3. Is it now summer for you their in Austrelia ?

  4. The gold coast looks amazing in photos. The one time I was there, it was cloudy, rainy and deserted. We jokingly ask our host are we at the right place ;-)

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