3 Travel Essentials I Can’t Live Without

I am a travel rat. If my boss said to me, Ciki, go home, pack a bag, I am sending you to Ethiopia tonight, I would go, willingly. However, the amount of traveling I do comes at a price – erratic sleep patterns (sometimes no sleep at all!) , keeping up with my daily exercise routine, keeping up with the daily workload of two blogs, one online food column, and staying organized is a tightrope walk. But if there is one thing that makes all travel a little easier, well, it would be my gadgets.


Here are 3 Travel Essentials that I never leave home without :

1. Powerbanks

Whoever said that power corrupts obviously didn’t own a smartphone. Now a days, everyone owns a Smartphone, and power is the life juice that keeps it going. With big screens, fast processors and multitasking capability, not to mention all the apps we have you really need a power bank to get you through the day, and to be constantly connected. For this reason, you need a good powerbank – essentially, an external battery which you can hook up to your phone, when you see the battery meter sinking into the sunset. I recently browsed some powerbanks available on Lazada. Quite a range I must say.

2) A Good pair of headphones

I love catching the red-eye. These late night flights mean that I don’t waste any daylight hours and can catch some sleep while I am flying to my next destination. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. But if there is one thing, that annoys me more than traffic in KL, it would be screaming kids on a flight. This is quickly remedied with a pair of good headphones – plug in your favorite music and sleep for 6 hours straight.. ah.. bliss. I also run whenever I can, so the headphones double up as my workout buddy. I normally use CNET reviews, to decide on which headphones suit me best.

3) Camera

I am a food and travel writer. It would be ridiculous to not carry a camera at all times. We see a story in almost every situation and the intense desire to click away with the camera is ever present. True, there is the smartphone camera, but it’s just not the same. I bring my camera everywhere.. sometimes I even sleep with it (go figure;)) I use an Olympus and one of the sites that helped me decide to go with this camera was pdreview.



  1. My list would be pretty similar to yours, camera, laptop and hammock. It’s probably pretty different if i wasn’t writing and taking photos while travelling.

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