Enju @ Prince Hotel, for KL Restaurant Week 2013

The KL Restaurant Week will be in full swing, from the 4th – 11th of October 2013, with nearly 50 of the city’s top restaurants participating in a week long gastronomy event. It’s all about the convenience of booking online, and then going to your restaurant of choice, to enjoy some of the creative yet affordable items on the menu, for the period of one week. Here are the list of participating restaurants, and here is our past review on two restaurants participating in the KL Restaurant Week, Brotzeit and Kin No Mizu.


Enju’s Set Dinner Menu for RM78nett 

I decided to go all out on the Japanese restaurants this time round because firstly, I really rather like Japanese food, and secondly, I liked the participating Japanese restaurants listed on the website, and was dying to see how well they would fare in terms of dish choices.

So, here I am at Enju, Prince hotel KL, eager to check out their dinner menu for KL Restaurant Week.


Enju’s Set Lunch Menu for RM38nett (complete list of menu, at the end of this post) 


cold sake.. a must if you’re having sashimi or sushi 


sake is an add on item, not included in the sets


grilled baby sardine sheets, grilled eggplant with miso paste and spinach leaves in light soya sauce

We start off our dinner with a rather interesting Japanese Starter. The Japanese really love their Tazukuri – a fried sweet and savory sardine side dish that’s normally served with bentos. Well this was a variation of that – these savory crackers of baby sardines (and you will note the little pairs of black eyes in the cracker staring up at you) pressed together into thin sheets, sun-dried and grilled. Super tasty and the aroma (though it was not sweet) reminded me of those stinky, sweet cuttlefish on a stick snacks. It went well with the spinach leaves. We found the grilled eggplant too salty due to some overzealous marinade of fermented bean paste seasoning.


Tender slabs of deep red tuna, melt-in-your-mouth yellowtail, succulent prawn and supple cuttlefish made for a perfect rejoinder to the crisp and flaky grilled baby sardine sheets appetizer.


glazed pan-fried duck foie gras on braised white radish

But more bite was on the way – enter the glazed pan-fried duck foie gras on braised white radish. A little less unctuous than goose foie gras no doubt, but in the hand of a skilled chef, the outcome was almost just as memorable. One is reminded that for a RM78 price tag, one shouldn’t really complain.


What a handsome slice of foie. It has to be said that Enju sure is generous with its portions.


thin udon noodles topped with grilled slices of Australian Beef sirloin, Shimeiji Mushrooms and onions

Makes a change slurping thin, soft and silky smooth udon, as opposed to fat and thick udon. These were slightly overcooked for my liking but the flavour of the broth and the tenderness of the grilled slices of Australian Beef sirloin did this dish justice. I think most of us finished the entire bowl of noodles in 2 minutes flat.


strawberry glutinous rice balls in coconut milk topped with tapioca and red beans


Dessert was another big highlight of this meal. The surprise lay on the bed of the martini glass. Soft, spherical bi-concave discs of glutinous rice that looked like the shape of red blood cells (sorry, that’s the scientist in me speaking), and had the texture of gnocchi, were just irresistibly delicious. I didn’t like the red bean (found it too sweet) but the strawberries, cubes of dragon fruit, kiwi and tapioca in coconut milk were incredibly delectable.

So all in all, the price tag on this meal is almost too good to be true. Be sure you sign up for Enju during KL Restaurant Week, to partake of some excellent Japanese cuisine.

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Enju Japanese Restaurant,
Level 2, Prince Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur,
4 Jalan Conlay, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603-2170 8888
Website: http://www.princehotelkl.com
GPS Coordinates: 3.150179, 101.714516
Menu 1
Sanma Kabayaki to Agedashi Tofu Zen
Pan-fried Pacific saury with sweet sauce
Deep-fried bean curd with tempura sauce
Highland greens salad with wasabi dressing
Steamed egg custard
Sliced fresh tropical fruits
Menu 2
Gyuniku Shogayaki To Salmon Koroke Zen
Thinly-sliced Australian beef sirloin pan-fried with ginger sauce
Crispy homemade salmon croquette with cheese
Highland greens salad with wasabi dressing
Steamed egg custard
Green tea ice cream with red bean compote
Set lunches include an appetizer, miso soup, Japanese pickles and steamed white riceENJU
Menu 1
Grilled baby sardine sheets, grilled eggplant with miso paste and spinach leaves in light soya sauce
Yellow fin tuna, sweet prawn, cuttlefish and yellowtail

Glazed pan-fried duck liver on braised white radish

Thin udon noodles topped with grilled slices of Australian beef sirloin, Shimeiji mushrooms and onions

Strawberry glutinous rice balls in coconut milk topped with tapioca and red beans

Menu 2

Thinly-sliced duck breast, sesame tofu topped with wasabi and swordfish roe, grilled baby sardine sheets

Yellowtail, sweet prawn, sea bass and red tuna loin

Grilled yellowtail glazed with spicy cod roe

Grilled eel on steamed white rice served with miso soup and pickled vegetables

Green tea pudding topped with red bean compote





  1. Love the luscious-looking photo of the foie on top of the daikon…a winner for sure! =)

  2. omg the foie gras… mmmm

  3. Smart girl! Tackling all da Japanese eateries first…anyway great post! Pics amazing as always. :)

  4. That foie… would love some of that!

  5. Yum! Apart from that baby sardine thing (I’ve had it before and didn’t like it) everything looks good!

  6. The baby sardine sheets looks amazing! :)

    I was wondering what it was at first, took me a while to recognize it. I wonder how they manage to do it, it looks nice!

  7. Great value!

  8. Enju looks good. Heading in there for the set dinner…and some sake!

  9. your pics at Enju made me so hungry when I saw you posting that on FB! grrr

  10. Is the grilled baby sardine sheet crispy?

  11. Oh, that looks like a truly comforting dinner – and such decadent desserts!

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