Ril’s Bangsar

Ril’s was voted Best for Meat in the Time Out KL Food Awards 2012. So if steaks are their forte, then steaks it would be for dinner on this fine weekend night out.

That, and a power-packed meat and fat-centric burger, called, the Burger Royale.

The burger royal should be enough to send shudders down you spine. Do not attempt to eat this unless you have had a good cardio workout earlier in the day. God knows you will need a pole dancer’s metabolism, to flay the fat off your body, once you are done eating this traffic stopping burger. (And if you like burgers, be sure you stop by here, for a list of must eats.. )


The Burger Royale – a house-made beef patty with bone marrow, foie gras, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions & roasted garlic puree – RM56

The patty was just one huge hunk of succulent ground meat – a nice chunky texture and bursting with meaty juices. Our only complaint was that we asked for it medium rare, but it was served medium well. Imagine how much more juicy it would have been if they got it right! There were nuances of bone marrow flavour breaking through, but not much. It was probably engulfed by the magnificent flavours of the creamy seared foie gras, cheddar cheese and caramelized onions. Served with a generous side of wedges, and garlic puree.. this dish was 100% to die for.

We also loved the tuna tartare.


Tuna Tartare – sliced raw tuna with spicy marinated onions, served with dragon fruit compote and a ginger soy vinaigrette – RM28

The Tuna Tartare is a must order. Picture a perfectly seared slice of fish, with a tantalizing pink raw center. The tangy dragon fruit compote, spicy marinated onions and ginger soy vinaigrette all worked together in harmony and accentuated the freshness of the tuna.


Lobster bisque – classic lobster bisque, rich and smooth – RM28

The Lobster bisque was forgettable. Ril’s calls this a classic lobster bisque which is supposed to be rich and smooth but we found it just average tasting. It also had no nice bits of lobster inside which was a bit of a let down.


Then, it was time for the piece de resistance at this joint.. the steak.


Australian Ribeye Grass-fed steak – 400mg of meat for RM98


Not sure if the steaks are aged, but it sure felt like it wasn’t. This Australian Ribeye Grass-fed steak was served the perfect medium rare. The anticipation was killing us as we sunk our knives into the meat.


It had a gorgeous, medium rare, rosy hue, but biting into the meat, it was full of tendons and really tough. What a let down. Ril’s was voted Best for Meat in the Time Out KL Food Awards 2012 so I was not expecting this disappointment. I don’t think I’d come here for the steaks again, if this is what they are serving for nearly a hundred bucks!

However, the saving grace was still the burger. Go for the Burger Royale.. you won’t regret it.


Apple Crumble

A lovely apple crumble, baked just right. All in all a good experience. I’d say try anything here but the steak. Good burgers, not so great steak.


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Ril’s Bangsar
30, Jalan Telawi 5,
Bangsar Baru,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2201-3846


  1. A fabulous shot of the Burger Royale…incorporating all ingredients in da plate! =)

  2. I like their steaks. Their lamb shank pie is yummy too.

  3. Well thanks for an honest opinion!!!

  4. Heard so much about Ril’s steaks.. too bad they’re a let down!

  5. ooooh, on the positive side, even if the steaks fall short in taste, your luscious photos make them look quite glorious, especially with the bloody-reddish hues within the cut that would drive a carnivore crazy with temptation!

  6. Oh yes the burger sure looks good! Somemore got foie gras and marrow. Luscious gila.

  7. disappointing, the steak! I’m dying for a piece of tender juicy steak now! :P

  8. medium rare and a glass of red wine.

  9. I’ve read reviews of this place: hit and miss. Guess you got the miss :(

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  11. Hi there,
    I’m sorry you had a bad experience with the steak, but with it being grass fed we sacrifice a little bit of tenderness for flavour and character. I personally prefer it that way, but to each his own. If you want the ultimate melt in your mouth experience, please come back for our MB5 Australian wagyu rib eye. I’m glad you liked everything else.

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