The Script in Concert, Singapore 29th March 2013

Thanks to #YourSingapore Live, we were in Singapore to catch The Script , live in concert.

The band rocked Singapore Indoor Stadium, in the 29th of March, and everybody in the crowd was up on their feet the entire night, singing all the tracks. This is the hit song “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” sung live, by the folks of Singapore, along with front man singer, Danny O’Donoghue.

Too bad our recording is just a short one but I tell ya, even Danny O’Donoghue praised the Singaporeans for being such great vocalists.. man they can sing! We were singing along too.. Malaysia represents;)


The performance was support of their recently launched album #3, that was released in September 2012. #3 is the third studio album released by this Irish rock band and it was actually released in Ireland on 7 September 2012, in the United Kingdom on 10 September and in the United States on 9 October.


The album was preceded by the release of the single “Hall of Fame”, a duet with Danny O’Donoghue’s co-judge on The Voice UK, Well I still like the album before this one best since I know all the tracks by heart. Needless to say we had a rocking time singing our hearts out at this concert.



Here’s what we recorded live – forgive the bad sound and shot clip! We have however included the properly recorded version at the end of the post;) Enjoy!

Here’s the perfectly recorded version :




  1. This guys has such a beautiful voice. Now I can put a name to a face. Looks like a great concert.

  2. last concert I went to was Snow Patrol in Singapore too, just too bad that we don’t have a lot of good acts coming to KL

  3. oooh, i’m a fan! the man who can’t be moved, nothing and breakeven are my favorite three songs from them! 😀

  4. Its always fun to attend a live concert!

  5. Ray @stingytraveller says:

    Always great when you can catch a band while in the road. Looks like it was a great show!

    • I agree. Singapore is a great place for concerts – they attract the best acts.. and the stadiums are state of the art – extremely comfortable! :)

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