High Tea @ Maison Francaise , KL

Have you been to High Tea at Maison Francaise..?

Sometimes you go to a restaurant in KL and have a meal, and leave, feeling more stressed out than when you arrived.

They mess up your reservations, keep you waiting for ages, then you find the items you want on the menu are not available either. But then there are dining experiences that leave you feeling more pampered and relaxed than when you first walked in through the door.


I am of course talking about dining at Maison Francaise.

And just a few years ago, places offering high tea were usually half empty. Now a days, and especially on weekends, you will be hard pressed to find an empty table, if you don’t make a reservation. Executives who work past lunch time , would rather just wait a little more to have tea at a swanky, yet professional looking establishment.. because wouldn’t you rather conduct a meeting over some pretty, dainty lemon madeleines and a pot of tea, rather than in a stuffy office cubicle?


Here at Maison Francaise, high tea is all that, and more.

It is perfect for anything from business meetings or social tete-a-tete to just teatime with family. And the best thing about the tea menu at Maison Francaise is that it is constantly changing. So what you get this week, would possibly differ in the following week. Every week is a surprise. But one thing’s for sure, all the pastries are made in house, and they are supremely delicious.


Maison Francaise Tea Time Menu includes items such as Smoked salmon sandwiches, Lemon madeleines, Cannele de Bordeaux, Raspberry tarts, Mini croissants, Pistachio chou, Nougat candy, Verrine of the day, Micro French butter, honey or jam that goes with brioche, and even the super addictive homemade french doughnuts, in various flavours. Mmmmm, super decadent! Choose from intriguingly creative teas such as Chrysanthemum Passion Fruit, the Vert Gunpowder Green tea or the smoky Lapsang Souchong smoked Black tea to complement your sweets.


The smoked salmon sandwiches with avocado and green salad are a tasty home-made treat made with smoked salmon in a crispy toast enriched with the flavours of avocado and capers. The Lemon madeleines are small and soft sponge cakes with a refreshing and fruity lemon flavour.


The Canele de Bordeaux is my all time favourite of the lot – it is a light fluffy cake with a rich custardy interior enclosed by a thin caramelized shell, flavoured with dark rum. Super yummy! The Raspberry tarts are a shell of pastry dough stuffed with a wonderful combination of almond paste and juicy strawberries. The Pistachio chou is a delightful cream puff filled with light pistachio cream.

And if you like Nougat candy you will love the Maison Francaise version – a delicious combination of whipped egg white, honey and roasted nuts. And finally, one of the highlights of tea – the Central European doughnuts made from sweet yeast dough fried in oil, with either a lemon, raspberry, chocolate, apple, vanilla or apricot marmalade filling. I love the way the filling explodes out of the doughnut when you take a bite! It’s hard to look lady-like when you’re trying not to make a mess ๐Ÿ˜›

Total damage.. just RM38++ per person (minimum 2person) so, it really is one of the more affordable afternoon teas, in town.

It runs daily between 1pm to 5pm.


Tea at Maison Francaise.. pretty as a picture.

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Maison Francaise
5 Jalan Changkat Kia Peng
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: 032144-1474
Fax No: 032181-2664
E Mail: [email protected]
Business Hours
Tuesday to Thursday: 12.00pm โ€“ 10.30pm (last order)
Friday to Sunday 12.00pm โ€“ 11.00pm (last order)
Monday Closed. Website


  1. Oh wow, what a pretty high tea set. Dont think there are many places in KL which does a good canele.

  2. RM60++ is very reasonable and we like their smoked salmon very much. Next time can call us, hehehe

  3. Looks like this is the perfect place for me to chill in March when I wait for Dennis to knock off from work. Taking the entire March off to be a tai tai again:D Jom yumcha here Ciki?

  4. That looks like a seriously good afternoon tea! I forgive them for not including scones because everything looks divine :)

  5. Pretty! Can’t wait to drop by here for tea! :)

  6. ohhhh, you read my mind. i need this! okay, what time is the afternoon tea starts???

  7. Lemme see…so tats RM60++ per pax rite?….

    The Lapsang Souchong smoked Black tea sounds rite for me…hehe =)

  8. oooo, all my resistance and any residue of self-discipline crumble at the sight of such lovely cannelles! not to mention those creamy doughnuts & salmon-avocado sandwiches! ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. now that’s really really tempting… I shall really try it next month!! is the high tea set available during lunch time? or any stated specific time?

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