Why you should visit Cairns

Cairns Australia, mecca for divers, and not only that, a great holiday destination for food and adventure as well.

Cairns, Australia, with loads of great hotels to choose from, and its close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest, tons of scuba divers, make their annual pilgrimage to this gorgeous stretch of beach and reef. Not only that, if you look in land, there are also adventures in the form of rainforest walks, outback “bush” adventures, native bird and wildlife watching excursions, adventure activities and accommodation to suit all types of budgets.

Aerial view - the Great Barrier Reef

Yes, to say that Cairns isn’t a tourist town, would be lying, yet there’s something charming and unspoilt about the place. Apart for bird watching and diving, Cairns also has a rather strong local art scene. As you can imagine the region acts as a spectacular backdrop for all kinds of artists so the variety of artforms on show is staggering. Choose from oil on canvas, ceramics, glassware, sculpture and photography to take home. There are many well established and up coming Indigenous artists in Cairns and the vibrancy and difference they bring to the Cairns art scene is fantastic. You will see wonderful creations where ancient styles meet new world techniques.


Of course, mostly crowds come to visit the Great Barrier Reef, which sits offshore and shapes the city’s character. It’s one of the world’s most popular diving sites and the number of dive or snorkel operators operating here is mind-boggling.


Cairns can offer you bungee jumping before breakfast, as well as tours to the Atherton Tablelands, Port Douglas and beyond. In between all this fun, you’ll discover it’s a popular place to hook up with fellow travelers who love the great outdoors, adventures and water sports.


  1. Can you believe I am still to visit Cairns?!
    I don’t dive, but love the ocean and snorkeling reefs. Hopefully this year we will make it further than the Sunshine Coast in Queensland :)

    • Oh, I am sure you will get to see it soon.. Cairns is not just great for diving, so you will have ample opportunity to experience the BGR without diving. Snorkeling is just as good!

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